Women drivers: Cassie’s column

“….MY BLOOD BOILS when I see tearaway drivers hurtling round the Vale at speeds that are one day going to kill a toddler….” Click here for Cassie…


9 responses to “Women drivers: Cassie’s column

  1. If there are more young male drivers than young female drivers then it stands to reason there will be a higher percentage of male ‘tearaway’ drivers but I guarantee you that the percentage of young women chatting on their mobile phones whilst their young uns’ are in the car, is higher than the male drivers, making them just as high risk for an accident.

  2. the evidence in favor of girls is from the insurance companies,they have the statistics,girls have less fatal or serious accidents.this doesnt make them better drivers than men.its statistical.it makes girls less of a risk.

  3. Yes John, I have no doubt the statistics will say whatever the insurance companies want them to say but I am saying is if you have more male drivers than female then it stands to reason the statistics will show girls to be less of a risk. Statistics can be manipulated until you get what you want. My favourite statistics are the school tables………..which is better a school that gets their students through exams with a 90% pass or schools which achieve a 50% pass seems simple doesn’t it. But wait, the school with the 90% pass rate only put 10 students in for the exam whereas the school with the 50% pass rate put 200 students in for the exam, this school therefore got 100 students to pass as opposed to …….see what I mean. So if we have 5 male drivers to every 1 female driver then the risk of an accident is higher in the male group.

  4. More to the point: how many young male drivers on the Vale would you guess ARE actually insured?

  5. Good point oddball…
    but tom,,why would the insurance companies say girls are a lower risk,i am 1Mtr tall green skinned and drees like a clown,now statisticly,theres only one of me so my insurance should be lower.
    i think you will find they do it by the type of claim , the amount claim and the frequency…

  6. john, its all a conspiracy, I am also green skinned but I am 2 metres tall and dress like a lady but i have the same problem with insurance, I think its because of the crop circles

  7. crop circles,,,,dont get me going on crop circle..its one thing i love , its crop circles..
    anything to get away from politics and the idiots in this column who are trying to wind people up,just like the boy racers,a few months ago….
    if you dont live on the estate,you shouldnt be on this paper..
    to use this paper you should have to show your ID card first,,,,thats should put the cat amongst the pigeons (ID cards that is)

  8. female drivers less of a risk?



  9. If your issue is with boy racers then its fair to say boys are the majority. however if you talk about due care and attention whilst driving woman are as bad as men. daily when dropping off my son to school I see woman drivers not looking where they are going because they are either distracted with the kids, putting on make up or fiddling around in bags. the way to stop boy racers is to bring in a staged licence system where by when you first pass you are limited to a small engine car 1.1. After 12 months you can drive upto a 1.6 then after a further 12 you can get a 1.8 and above. This would also help with insurance for the first 12 months as it woolen.be the car that dictates the cost not the driver.