Hating Nick Clegg: Cassie’s Column

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8 responses to “Hating Nick Clegg: Cassie’s Column

  1. your just trying to wind people up again..
    you have never supported nick clegg..
    your hero’s are probable RED ROBBO,ARTHUR SCARGIL AND EL CHE..
    all small part wounders for a very small time…

  2. Terrific article, Cassie. Sadly, I agreed with every word – sadly, because I (foolishly) put my trust in the Lib Dems last time, believing I had no other realistic choice. I loathed Blair & hated Thatcher; now, I absolutely KNOW you can’t trust any of them. I’ve always voted because I believe it’s my civic duty ( and I believe it should be compulsory), but it looks like I’ll be writing “None of the above” on my next ballot paper.

  3. Nick Clegg has more faces than mount rushmore make no mistake and I didnt like Thatcher the milk snatcher. As was then and now the country is in crisis budget cuts electorial reform just for the fun of it Students rioting. and the nice men in expensive suits tell us its for our own good what do messers camron and clegg know about communities in Birmingham. lets face it Cameron thought Balsall Heath was holiday destination until he relised there was no sea except the Birmingham and fazley canal. with the greatest respect john the point being made in the article is completly right. As for Red Robbo and Arthur Scargill well all i will say is What happend to Longbridge and the Coal Mines British Industry decimated,History will judge the writes and wrongs of sad time in modern history and our industry.

  4. Cassie loving your work!

    Lib Dems have lost any respect they had for selling out.

  5. Selling out Cameron and clegg make Del Boy and Rodney look honest!!!!!!!!1

  6. where are you all coming from and what are you all trying to do..
    you all sound like a gang of lefties trying to whip up people..
    get of this site and go home to where ?
    russia is not so communist now,cuba is going the same way,china will crack in a few year time,then there will be no place for you….

  7. Cuba is nice this time of year.. john please tell me whay is wrong in whipping people up in your words. I would call it giving people a voice and mobilizing people to be more engaged and proactive in there own community but what would I know about community revaloutions…

  8. I would like to know why politics has returned to being an upper class business. The 20th century started with Westminster being controlled by old Etonians, but after two world wars and increasing education, the working class gained a sense of self-respect and power. Now, in the early years of the 21st century, we are once again run by old Etonians. The Cabinet is filled with those from the wealthiest of backgrounds, with not a working class one amongst them. I would also like to know why no one actually cares about this, and why the working class are once again content to know their place. Anyone raising this issue, leaves themselves open to accusations of being a “leftie.” When the working class are no longer able or willing to fight for what they believe in (if they believe in anything at all), then we cannot be surprised that things will get harder for those of us at the bottom of the pile, whilst things can only improve for our betters. Whatever happened to progress?