Door to door health surveys

HEALTH RESEARCHERS will be conducting door to door interviews in Castle Vale over the next four weeks. MEL Research team have been commissioned by Castle Vale’s Neighbourhood Partnership Board in a bid to construct a long-term strategy to improve the general health of people in the area.
All interviewers will carry photo ID and a letter of authorisation from the Neighbourhood Partnership Board, and will wear high visibility branded clothing.
More information is available from Tracey Barrington on 0121 748 8112 or Carla Belle on 0121 748 8189.


4 responses to “Door to door health surveys

  1. why was ann’s comment about cold caller’s removed? we do have too many and we should be discouraging cold calling on the estate, not encouraging it.

  2. If they think I’m going to discuss personal health issues with complete strangers on my doorstep then they can think again! A most ill-comceived project in my view – why not questionnaires at doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies etc.? Why this expensive method?

  3. There was nothing wrong with the comment, Sylvia. But it was written by someone who had used someone else’s name – anonymous comments are ok, but not comments from impersonators.

  4. Has anyone else had callers, claiming to be offering free Internet connection? I had someone at the door, telling me that the government was offering free broadband to everyone. He then proceeded to put his foot in the front door, asking if he should remove his shoes before coming in. As I hadn’t invited him in, I thought this very suspicious. I told him I was not interested and shut the door. It has been suggested that this may be TalkTalk’s latest door-to-door sales team at work, but it is an odd way to get business.