If you want something doing properly…

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  1. why should we save the pool and stadium,no one from the vale uses it.
    someone said recently “use it or loose it “, i think he could be right.
    comments welcome from users of either WHO LIVE ON THE ESTATE.
    no comments from leftwing loosers and his mate.

  2. Ask yourself one question where do you draw the line. You close the baths then the stadium then the astral then the library etc etc. The list goes on. Then one day you have no services. For everyone person who don’t want these services you will find 3 you do.

  3. I did ask myself that self same question,I dont use it,they dont use it.
    ERGO we dont want it,or should i say we dont want to pay the staff and the bureaucracy,that support these white elephants.
    I ask again , is there anyone out there that uses any of these white elephants.

  4. the swimming baths does get used not to sure about the stadium
    everything should be done to save them both

  5. The baths does get used, the stadium though would get used but killer thinks he owns the place and dont want people there

  6. the statement above “the swimming baths does get used”.by how many and how often and from people on the estate ?doe the baths make a profit or break even—–..—–DONT THINK SO.
    the stadium does get used SOMETIMES,but not enough.why not sell it to someone who will run it at a profit , that means paying to use it BUT to make a profit.

  7. What about running it properly and all profits being reinvested in the community. Ergo more money stays in castle vale.

  8. the baths are over staffed we all know
    but the stadium i think u better ask the crockers the pitches they have the monopoly over ever other team.
    the louder u shout the more u get.
    rip off jks the truth coming out.!!!!!!!

  9. el che’s idea for the pool,no way,noone wants to use the pool,the running cost are very high and the maintenence costs,WELL what can i say.
    now on to the statdium.is there something bubbling up over this.
    who are the crockers,who shouts the loadest and whats all this about rip off jks..
    please tell us all please

  10. i dont think there is anything bubiling up at all the point im making is what ever happens the more that Stays on Castle Vale the Better or it will go to private enterprise and the prawnsandwich brigade..

  11. El Che.
    do you REALY think the “prawnsandwich brigade” as you put it are going to park there nice new Rangerovers outside the swimming pool at the side of cadbury drive.If i were in the “prawnsandwich brigade”,i would be looking for a pool in sutton.

  12. well it has happened before so in one word yes, im sorry but local people and local jobs is the only way forward.

  13. Mad Man you need to learn to integrate with the rest of Birmingham, I would welcome anyone who felt able to use the facilities offered by Castle Vale and did not treat us as a ‘no go’ zone but with attitudes like the ones expressed no wonder people are afraid to park their cars.

  14. Sheila,i would never park my car at the pool or at sainsburys,if i had one, that is.
    we were talking about Castle Vale ,not the rest of Birmingham..
    are you another one who doesnt live on the estate.

  15. The schools regularly use the swimming pool, as it is easy to walk to from all schools in Castle Vale. If it closes, they will have to pay for a bus to take the children to Erdington. As funds are very low, this will probably mean the end of their swimming lessons.

  16. I think comments been demonstrated here are very sad not interested in keeping services open or internal economic regeneratio. And talking about castle vale being a no go zone in my honest opinion every area has its problems but castle vale is a strong vibrant community which has a good community. Any one who thinks different is wrong. I have to say I agree with shelias comments

  17. I attended the meeting in question and I Must say it was a very interesting meeting indeed.
    Cassie is right it’s very ambitious and could quite easily fall on its arse!
    It’s also a great opportunity for the residents of Castle Vale to turn around the swimming baths and stadium and make a go of it.
    To do this a number of things are needed, lots of (as Cassie would say) suits to support it and get it off the ground/more committed volunteers not just the few that was at that meeting as it’s too big a ask of the handful of people that was there.
    It also needs cash, lots of it.
    Facilities being resident lead and run by volunteers is a great idea but it needs a certain amount of cash for the infrastructure to be set up, it also needs a certain amount of paid staff with the expertise and knowledge to take it forward and yes Casie is right money is now very hard to come by.

    It will also need a lot of hard work put into it by the community and shed loads of commitment cause it aint gonna be easy.

    I hope Castle Vale can make a go of this even if it’s part of the proposals e.g the swimming baths, it would certainly be another thing for this estate to be proud of.

  18. I woudnt be proud of a white elephant and i dont think anyone else on the estate would either.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. very negative who said it would be a white elephant…

  20. ME
    (1) staff Cost,there has to be fully trained lifeguards,maintenance men/man, cleaners,who looks after the money taken,who looks after the bookkeeping and many more.
    (2) the maintenance costs,the pool has to run 24hrs a day,it cant be shut down over night or when its not in use.
    (3) the external running costs,gas electric ,phone and rent/rates.
    thats one hell of a big white elephant,that very few people use,im sorry to say.!