High Speed train link set to border Castle Vale

THE HIGH SPEED RAIL LINK to the continent will go through Water Orton and alongside Castle Vale on its way to a new station in Curzon Street, Birmingham, if the preferred option gets the go ahead later this year.
The line between Cadbury Drive and Castle Bromwich Business Park will need a new track to accommodate the 250mph high speed trains. Part of the River Tame will need ‘remodelling’, Council Officer Richard Hammond told Erdington Constituency councillors last night.
Property within a 50 yard buffer zone of the new track may be subject to ‘statutory blight’, and could be bought by the government under a Compulsory Purchase Order.
Construction of the HS2 Network is due to start in 2017.
The public consultation period ends on 29th April 2011.
The HS2 Network will eventually link the UK from Edinburgh and Glasgow to London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. It will split in the Midlands, with the east coast line taking in Leeds and Newcastle, and the West Coast line diverting to Liverpool and Manchester.
The trains have a maximum speed of 250mph, twice the speed of the fastest trains currently in use.


6 responses to “High Speed train link set to border Castle Vale

  1. There is a lot of wildlife at Tameside, and any remodelling is bound to disturb this. But, I doubt this will be taken into consideration.

  2. i dont agree with the high speed train ilive by where the train will run through at blue bell park

  3. Jenny,where is the blue bell park,i have lived on the estate for many years,i even lived in cadbury drive for 6 years but can’t remember it ?

  4. bluebell park is at the end of chelmsley near to coleshill you know that end dont you the train will run straight through the park which is not fair because where are the little kids going to play. the noise will be terrible whoevers idea it is they are braindead what do you think

  5. what are anybody elses views

  6. the train is a terrible idea it will be so desruptive for the whole community