Museums to charge for entry

Aston Hall, Blakesley Hall, Soho House, Weoley Castle and Sarehole Mill will be charging an entry fee from April. Adults will have to pay £4; children under 16 will still be allowed in for free.
The Council says that there is no acceptable alternative to charging, and would have had to close one or more of the sites unless they had taken this step.
There will be no charge for entry to the main museum and art gallery (BMAG) in Victoria Square in the city centre.


14 responses to “Museums to charge for entry

  1. I visit Blakesley Hall and Aston Hall at least a couple of times a year. The entrance fee will put me off. However, I have noticed how few people visit these houses; sometimes, when visiting, I have not seen another visitor at all. It would make more sense to charge for the main museum and art gallery, because there are always plenty of visitors to this, including a lot of tourists. The money raised from this would be far more than that from the other museums.

  2. Muldanian ,well put,great idea,VERY positive thinking.
    unlike other people,who shall be name less….

  3. I don’t know about no alternative to charging, the councillors have given up their free soup, perhaps they could have jam sandwiches instead of the 2 course meal they now have at their meetings.

  4. ‘O’ Sheila,what are we going to do with you.
    have you nothing good to say about anything.
    Muldanian make some good points,can you not take them onboard and think possitive ?

  5. has anyone been to aston hall its great i agree you should pay to go there its haunted too

  6. I don’t know mad man, what are you going to do with me. Its very hard to think positive when you see more of your hard earned cash not covering the essentials in life never mind having to now pay for things that were previously free. Maybe I should apply for a grumpy old woman job on TV! Whilst I agree with Muldanians suggestions its not me that needs to take them on board but them in the council.

  7. sheila i agree with what you say the council should listen to what people have to say

  8. the art gallery should charge because there is so much there lots to see and great for the kids

  9. I knew you would both come around when you had a think about it.
    dont be negative , think positive.
    if your old enough you will remember Avadne Price,her saying was
    “think lucky and you will be lucky”
    does any one remember Avadne Price ?

  10. who is avadne price never heard of her

  11. does anyone know the best museum im surprised they dont charge at the art gallery in town

  12. I think we are very lucky to have Aston Hall in Birmingham. It is one of the finest 17th century houses in the country, and a rare survival. It is just a shame that it is no longer surrounded by beautiful countryside, but by Aston Villa, tower blocks, warehouses and the Aston Expressway. Blakesley Hall is also very interesting, and I remember going to this a lot as a child, as my grandparents lived near Yardley village. There used to be a butcher’s smock on display at the hall, which had belonged to a former boyfriend of my nan. She still remembered taking part in the harvest, when Yardley was still a rural village.

  13. i love aston hall i used to go there a lot the art gallery is good in town have you been there there is so much to see there and they have anice cafe

  14. they sell tasty baguettes too lovely