Subway closes in Tangmere Square

THE FAST FOOD OUTLET Subway in Tangmere Square, Castle Vale, closed down at the weekend. It had been open for fewer than nine months after new owners had taken on the franchise.
The Tangmere Square Subway originally opened in December 2007, but closed down after 18 months because of financial difficulties.
The outlet remained empty for a further year until new managers took over the restaurant towards the end of June 2010.
The Subway saga illustrates the difficulties faced by small local businesses in the current prolonged economic downturn.


14 responses to “Subway closes in Tangmere Square

  1. I’m sorry,but i dont think its a “prolonged economic downturn”.
    the Subway is not near any passing trade ( in volume ) and at the same time its to close to Sainsburys.Infact i dont think it would work any where on the estate.
    The Subway on the Tyburn road has close and re opened recenctly,again “no passing trade”.

  2. Greggs would make a killing there. Why dont they move in

  3. why do they have to close everything subway food is tasty

  4. I would have thought Subway was in a good position, with many people using Tangmere Square, passing for Sainsbury’s, the chemist or the post office. I am amazed that the bathroom showroom remains open though, as it seems out-of-the-way where it is, and I wouldn’t have thought there was a lot of money in Castle Vale for new bathrooms. I am going to miss my weekly tuna and salad baguette.

  5. those baguettes are sure tasty you will have to go to another one

  6. If you need a greggs,theres one on the tyburn island by the phone shop.

  7. been there the sausage rolls are nice asubway should open on chelmsley town centre

  8. young Jenny,your not from castle vale , are you ?

  9. im from chelmsley wood i have been to castle vale lots of times it looks good with all the new buildings how did you know im not from the vale

  10. You said the HST would spoil the blue bells,they are in chelmsley and you also said they should open a greggs on chelmsley.
    simple HU.
    mad man AKA PC Plod

  11. ok mr joker what part of castle vale you from i still dont think its fair the train crossing over the park think of the noise at 250mph

  12. i got mixed up then with the other site subway is a good shop better than greggs

  13. sandra mcnally

    no i think we should have bookers on corner where subway was have the cafe where bookers is think that be great think have there

  14. whats bookers never heard of it is it like greggs