Spitting image

Michael Oliver, 26, the youngest referee in the Premier League

Fat Alan discovers some disturbing trends in local football, including spitting into the  referee’s face. Click here for Fat Alan’s column


19 responses to “Spitting image

  1. Jenny Tulwoughts

    there are children who visit this website and read what is being said, why does the editor of the vale mail allow the low life like cassie and fat alan to use bad language on here. the language used in the caption on the photograph is unacceptable. please refrain from this.

  2. as a mother of three young children, can i say, i wholeheartedly agree with jenny. there is no need for the language in question being used. i must say that i am rather surprised and disappointed at the lack of a response from the editor regarding this

  3. another jenny i agree the editor should say something no wonder some kids have bad language

  4. the swearing is there to get you upset and make complain.
    that way more people visit the mail.
    simple hu

  5. that may be so but its a bad influence on kids

  6. agreed jenny but then the chavs in their grey tracksuit bottoms that roam the vale come out with a lot worse.

  7. you want to go to chelmsley shops they are there swearing their heads off when i was younger i wasnt allowed to swear nobody is strict enough in this world

  8. you have teenage lads spitting and swearing down our road and the younger kids are copying

  9. tamara nethercombs

    i blame the parents.

  10. so do i they stand on street corners drinking and smoking half of them are only little kids

  11. do you mind i have 4 teenagers none of them swear or smoke not all of them are the same the ones on the vale are scruffy bxxxxxxs

  12. as katie says, it’s not all about the parents. we can only do so much. if we hit our kids for misbehaving like we used to be hit, all the do-gooders will come out and complain

  13. you can only do so much you bring the kids up as best as you can when they go out wity their mates you dont know what they are getting up to

  14. willie waite

    interestingly, we still have no comment from anybody working at vale mail with regard to the language used in the picture above

  15. obviously the staff working on the paper arent interested in what people think

  16. jenny you seem to be on this site making comments throuhout the day, obviously you do not go to work yourself then

  17. i work part time besides doing all the housework all my children have grown up i have worked hard all my life im entitled to have my say on the computer and i dont sit on my bum all day

  18. chris peacock

    why are you having a go at jenny anonymous, she has made a contribution on here. she is entitled to an opinion and she doesnt have to justify herself to anybody.

  19. thankyou chris that was nice of you i like going on these blogs i like making a contribution