Getting away with it

Cassie wonders why people commit crime…….
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10 responses to “Getting away with it

  1. lack of parental control at an early age
    this is not the responsibility of there school teacher
    or the police.
    and in later life if they do something wrong
    people turn away and say nothing incase
    they get a brick through there window or
    there car is vandalized.
    its not the polices fault,its not the teachers fault
    its not because they had nothing to do after Scholl
    its the PARENTS and US.

  2. you saying that when you correct your kids you cant smack them now one of my friends(her daughter) really played her mom up she was swearing and kicking her so she give her a good hiding. her daughter rang social services and her mom got into trouble just for a smacked leg. the child is only 10

  3. 1. A smacked leg isn’t the same as a good hiding.

    2. Unless that child has a definite illness e.g. autism I’d say bad behaviour is usually down to poor parenting in the early years.

  4. but the social services took the child away

  5. they said that you cant smack a child its classed as violence so does that mean kids get away with everything?

  6. hello jenny we all know what the social services are like they interfere as for the comment annonymous made he or she was rude if you didnt go to work its nothing to do with anyone else its supposed to be a free country. well it isnt theres always someone to stick their noses in

  7. Sorry Leeanne,your on the wrong page,are bless.

  8. Simon Landsbury

    I feel that the racing is fantastic when i go down i my metro i love it. maybe if all you people are against it maybe you should suggest to the community that there should be a dedicated area for where people can race that way they will be out off the way off us and it will be nice an quiet, also it will be there desiscion to do it so if they get hurt etc then thats there own fault for racing. but yeah i love it my metro flyss 🙂

  9. Maybe there should be traffic lights on Spitfire island, as it is quite dangerous at the best of times. Trying to get out of Castle Vale onto Chester Road is often a case of taking your life in your hands. When there are also so-called boy racers to cope with, it is a wonder that more people have not been seriously injured, or worse. It is not the racers getting hurt that worries me, it is the motorists, who are simply trying to go about their business of driving on the roads for which they pays tax for, without being in fear for their life.

  10. Simon Landsbury there are dedicated area’s for you and your mates to race,
    in fact there are two. (1) the M6 motorway (no cant do that,to many police aboute)
    (2) your road where you live , that’s assuming its not under a stone.