Councillor fury at play centre ‘waste’

The Council has today removed all the play area equipment from the upstairs area at Castle Pool so that the room can be used as a meeting and function room. The play room was closed last summer and has been unused for almost a year. Plans to turn the room into a judo gym have been dashed by lack of funding. Councillor Lynda Clinton says that she is very angry that the play equipment is to be scrapped and regarded as refuse. Campaigners had hoped that it could be transferred to the Astral Centre or to one of the local nurseries.
Chris Baker, Erdington’s top Council officer confirmed that the equipment would be scrapped. He said that the equipment needed to be moved so that the room could be used by the public. It is too old to use elsewhere and some of it had to be cut away in order to dismantle it. The risk of selling it on to another organisation, or using it in another institution, would be too great, he added.


4 responses to “Councillor fury at play centre ‘waste’

  1. Do the councillors understand that we are currently in the middle of the worst economic situation since the ’30s? Whilst it makes sense to use the room for something, to scrap perfectly good equipment at a time when there is no money to buy new equipment is such a waste. Somebody really should teach the councillors economics, as they obviously have no understanding of it.

  2. What the hello do the senior officer in change think they are doing, there is a plan being pulled together for. Asset transfer this is disgusting in fact someone needs to be fired for this stupidity…

  3. three words are the scourge of British society
    (1) for heath and safety reasons
    (2) risk assessment
    (3) more than my jobs worth
    thats why it was all scraped and not recycled.

  4. mad man, Can I add a fourth? Committee! ( aka Quango, aka Talking Shop).