A question of trust

We should all be given more chances to decide on big issues. More referendums, says Cassie. Click here for Cassie’s column.


6 responses to “A question of trust

  1. i dont trust the government as far as i could throw them making promises they cant keep

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I think for too long now, people have been contented to let MPs speak for them. There would be nothing wrong with this, they are after all elected officials. However, the problem seems to me that politicians do not speak for us, but only for themselves. They are self-serving, and care not what the voting public think. They want our votes at election time, but expect us to keep our noses out of politics at other times. Democracy should be the rule of the people by the people, but there seems little evidence that this is the case. Referenda would give the public a direct say in how this country is run. However, I can’t see the idea being acceptable to MPs, who would see such a public voice as a threat to their way of life. Currently politicians are not answerable to us, and they like it that way. They make their own rules, which are always in their interest, and they will never be prepared to give this up. Also, people are so apathetic now, that I really don’t think a referendum on any issue would be of interest to many. When you consider how many people bother to vote at election times, I can’t imagine there will be a great number who would care enough to vote in a referendum.

  3. i dont think cameron is doing a lot the petrol is ridiculous everything in the shops are going up nobody will afford nothing the way things are going on should have had a labour government

  4. I think you have all missed the point.
    this is a local election,for your local councilors
    NOT a general election.
    this vote is very simple.you vote for the one you like
    and if that’s not working for you , don’t vote for him
    again.its as simple as that.its nothing to do with
    the national parties or there problems and they all
    do have problems.
    you cant vote on every issue YOU think that you should.
    because we all have a different opinion on what we want
    to vote on.
    what would happen , would be people would not vote on YOUR
    issue BUT I think the loony left would,then you wouldn’t get what
    you wanted because there are more of them than you…
    If you want your boiler fixed,you don’t have a vote,you call a
    plumber/heating engineer.
    Think about what you already have and work at it.
    you could be living in Egypt or Syria or even worse Iran.
    there you wouldn’t be allowed to question what is being done.

  5. it says “we dont trust you”
    who can you trust ?
    can you trust the editor of this paper ! ?
    can you trust cassie ! ? (dont think sooooo)
    Just listen to your heart and have faith.

  6. I agree that in a local election we should vote on local issues. However, the councillors all belong to national parties, i.e. Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat etc. And what is happening at a national level is bound to affect how people vote locally. The Liberal Democrats have lost a lot of support, because of how they are performing in government, i.e. the way they have changed policies, simply in order to stay in power. It is hard for people, even Lib. Dem. voters to ignore this. The parties, whether at the national or local level are supposed to be singing from the same hymn sheet after all.