Party in Park postponed

Party in the Park, which had been scheduled for 3rd July, has now been put back until 14th August. It will still be held at Centre Park though the exact title of the day has not yet been decided by Castle Vale Events Committee.


6 responses to “Party in Park postponed

  1. Is there a reason why the event has been postponed, and why the title needs to be changed?

  2. Whatever the reasons may be, you can bet on one thing: the Committee won’t be rushing to tell us. They haven’t answered a question posed almost a year ago: why did they need to pay a £3,000 consultancy fee?

  3. why havent they give a reason for postponing it?

  4. Party in the park is just terrible now its in centre park anyway plus its always been on the fifth or 4th i cant be bothered with it castle vale has no social life

  5. Does anyone know who to conatct please about the carnival

  6. wouldnt the council tell you? they might explain why it has changed the date