Summer Solstice planned for Farnborough Fields

Veteran Vale organiser Bob Brueton is planning a Summer Solstice event on Farnborough Fields on Saturday 25th June. The event will have morris dancing, barn dancing, a craft market and barbecue. Entry will be free to the open-air event, which runs from 1-5pm.
An evening’s session of Solstice Dancing (7.30-11pm) at the Residents Club in Yatesbury Avenue will follow.
Bob has been the organiser of the Castle Vale carnival and party in the park for the past 18 years, but the local Events Committee are planning their own ‘Party in the Park’ for August.
“The Solstice does not get in the way of the Events Committee’s plans,” said Bob, who will use his intergenerational team to organise the day. “Mine is a much smaller event than the carnival or Party in the Park.”
The funding for the Summer Solstice is coming from the Birmingham and Black Country Foundation and from Active Arts. Bob hopes that the Council will also provide some money.
The official summer solstice is the day which has the longest period of daylight. This year in the Uk it falls on 21st June.


4 responses to “Summer Solstice planned for Farnborough Fields

  1. I think the council have better things to spend there money on than this…

  2. its somewhere to go nice for the kidsbarn dancing is good

  3. It is nice to see some traditional British traditions being celebrated at last, before they disappear entirely. Morris dancing seems comical to most people today, but it is an ancient artform, and I believe it would be very sad if our native traditions were no longer remembered. I look forward to attending the event.

  4. the craft market sounds good too all the old fashioned stuff is great