Cameron venisony …. oops, I mean ‘very sorry’

Click here for Cassie, on the Prime Minister’s gaffe, or ‘joke’, as he called it.


2 responses to “Cameron venisony …. oops, I mean ‘very sorry’

  1. what a load of twoddle.
    i watch this episode on tv,when the camera showed you both sides of the house AND front row on the labour side were laughing as much as the as the conservatives.
    all this is just the media’s way of drumming up NEWS and i use that word VERY loosely…
    Shame On You Cassie

  2. The word dear is often used as a term of affection. Maybe Cameron has been raised in a family, where this term is used. I have a female friend who calls everyone “darling.” She means to offence by it, it is simply that she has trouble remembering everyone’s name. At one time, the term dear was used by both men and women, when talking to members of either sex. In The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Holmes often calls Watson “my dear Watson.” And, when starting a letter to anyone, whether male or female, and whether we know the person to whom we are sending the letter or not, do we not begin with ‘Dear’?

    If Cameron had meant to be sexist, then shame on him, but I suspect he is used to this term of familiarity, and it is hard to always remember how easily people can take offence nowadays, when no offence was intended.