Skylark fire

Fire engines were called to the Skylark in Farnborough Road yesterday evening after a fire broke out on the premises of the now derelict pub.
CCTV operators have reported that the building had been broken into on the previous day, and that people had been seen in the garden of the premises.
The City Council has now granted planning permission for the demolition of the Skylark building, and for the construction of affordable homes on the site. The sale of the site from the private owner to a local housing association has not yet been finalised.


2 responses to “Skylark fire

  1. Why is it taking so long to do anything with the Skylark? It has been closed for a few years now, and I am surprised it hasn’t been set fire to before now. I live near the pub, and see it as an eyesore and a danger. I have also seen rats near the building. If the HAT were still here, I’m sure the site would have been redeveloped a long time ago.

  2. its got to be teenagers who done it no one should be messing around there i will mention it to my sister shes a cop probably already knows