Solstice objection

The Summer Solstice planned for Saturday 25th June in Castle Vale is now in doubt.
The City Council has informed the organisers that they have received an objection to the use of the fields for the event. Bob Brueton, who is heading the event, is hoping to persuade the Council to allow him to use the fields.


13 responses to “Solstice objection

  1. Obviously someone who objects to Castle Vale people having a fun day out. It would be interesting to know on what grounds the person has objected, although I doubt it will be a real objection, but rather a political one, intended to spoil a community event. People should get a life and realise that life is too short, and that there really is nothing wrong having a little bit of fun in a community spirited way. And why should one objection stop everyone else having the opportunity of an interesting day out?

  2. you cant have fun now theres always someone who has to spoil things someone has put the boot in it would have been a nice day out

  3. gary kilday

    can i but the record straight the estate has just payed £9.000 for upgrading of the pitches from our own fund.
    football teams from the estate pay for the usage ofthe pitches .
    why should this group use our facility,s for free of charge.
    yes bob very nice chap, but we can no longer give away our facility,s for free.
    we need money to pay for the future up keep.

  4. That seems fair enough. As it has cost so much to upgrade the pitches, maybe charging for their use for the solstice event could help to raise needed funds. Perhaps some negotiation could settle on a fee for the hire of the fields so that the event can go ahead. And perhaps Vale Mail could report the story in full, including all the facts, thus allowing people the chance to make up their minds on the issue.

  5. well said killer, get them to put there hand in there pocket. bob, no line dancing on the pitch please.

  6. no1 vale team

    very good call gary,
    The teams on the estate pay very good money for the usage.
    i thinking of using the facilitys free of charge myself.
    how about that then.
    my team are 100% castle vale

  7. Go for it.!!!!!!!!!!
    The council dont seem interested .
    you might as well.

  8. JKS have used the fields free of charge for their training for a long time.

  9. how can some people be charged and others not!
    something isnt right here
    who do you need to speak to about this
    i want to use the pitches and i certainly wont be paying for it!

  10. How can you say that JKS have used the fields free of charge, we as parents pay on a weekly basis for our children to train and play there.

  11. who has allowed this event to go on free of charge
    you cant charge some people and not others
    i will be speaking to my councillor about this

  12. whatever bruton wants bruton gets

  13. There are other teams on the vale that use the pitches and other teams that come on the vale to abuse the pitches and take the p—.