No Skylark sale to CVCHA

The sale of the Skylark site to CVCHA has fallen through. The owner is said to have decided to look for a buyer who will use the site for commercial use.
CVCHA boss Peter Richmond said: “This is very disappointing for CVCHA as we wanted to develop the site and most importantly deal with what is becoming a serious problem for people living near the pub.”
The site has now been derelict for over two years and was recently set on fire. Police and wardens have frequently warned that it is a dangerous site that is attracting delinquency and vandalism.
Birmingham City Council have recently approved planning permission for affordable social housing to be built on the site.


10 responses to “No Skylark sale to CVCHA

  1. What is meant by commercial use I wonder clearly not interested in the people that live by the skyward either shame on him.

  2. where do the cvcha get the money from to buy land.

  3. take the owner to court and make him demolish the building then , there is nothing to vandalize and set fire.mind you the pikies might move in ?

  4. I wonder why the owner bought the Skylark in the first place, as he has done nothing with the land, which has led to the building being the eyesore it is now. If permission has been given for the building of homes on the site, and the owner only wants to sell it for commercial use, then I don’t see how the situation can be moved forward, and the building will be standing for years as an attraction to rats, of both the animal and human kind. In the current economic climate, I doubt there will be anyone willing to invest in commercial property, and there would be a lot of objection to the use of the land for commercial use by local residents and from the owners of the shop. New homes are needed to help some of the millions who are on the various housing waiting lists, who in reality stand no chance of ever being offered anything.

  5. My guess is that the owner thinks that CVCHA will believe that he/she will get a better price from selling it to a commercial developer and that they will then offer more for it. This latest move is nothing more that a desperate attempt to squeeze more money out of CVCHA for the derilict site.

    Birmingham City Council should use whatever powers they have to make the owner clean up and secure the site. CVCHA should call their bluff and walk away from it, if BCC do what they should do, the owners will be forced to spend a lot of money on it and will soon come runnig back to the negotiating table.

  6. what about compulsery purchess order im not an expert but it would make sense..

  7. I’m no expert on compulsory purchase orders either but I think that the legal costs involved in such action would be prohibitive in this case. Solicitors fees and court costs could possibly be as much as the site is worth. I’m afraid we will have to hope that the Council does what it should do and the owner comes to his senses, cuts his losses and accepts CVCHA’s offer so that this eyesore can be demolished and much needed housing can be built.

  8. yeah there is a shortage of housing on the estate but look at what the cvcha will do just bring in some more low life benefit scroungers, and forget about the people who live on the estate that need homes

  9. How can you moan about one small peiece of land looking mess, when the estate is covered in dog shit everywhere you walk. I am glad C.V.C.H.A didn’t get it and i hope whover does buys it makes a success out of it as a commercial property

  10. Surely you’re not bleming CVCHA for the dog mess around the estate. Why not put the blame where it belongs, at the door of the irresponsible dog owners who do not clean up the mess their dogs make?