Solstice gets go ahead

The Summer Solstice Event planned for 25th June has been given the go ahead by the City Council.
Organiser Bob Brueton has been told that he can have free use of the main car park and the field near the playpark for the event.


9 responses to “Solstice gets go ahead

  1. Me & me mates would like to set up a marquee and have a party can we have it for free? Who do we contact Mr Brueton, can you put a word in for us.

  2. this is absolutley disgracefull. how can certain groups be charged to use the facilities and certain other people not.
    who exactly is it that charges to use the facilities on farnborough road
    i would like names please !
    i hope the vale mail will be printing this story as the residents of castle vale really do need to know what goes on over there!

  3. I hope vale mail will investigate this for next print how can Mr brueton get this for free and other people pay especially as the stadium hardly makes any money if any. Something is very wrong here if you ask me some one needs to be held to account

  4. Maybe the Solstice is using the Fields rather than the Stadium.

  5. Hence the need for a proper investigation

  6. Just goes to show it’s not what you know it’s who you know. Why is it everytime there is an event on Castle Vale it is arranged covertly, by the same people all the time. Anything to avoid cultural diversity! Considering this estate is for the community I never see any community involvment, never any consultations on what the residence want and quite frankly it is not on. after H.A.T left the estate with their big fat pay cheques they took the spirit of Castle Vale with them. So Castle vale was once full of high rises but it was also a spacious estate with plenty of greenery for adults and children, we had an adequate shopping centre that was only in need of a facelift, not ripping out to make way for big corporate companies like Sainsbury, who bought the land cheap and then sold it on just to make more profit. Now we don’t have any decent shops, there all too expensive and you have to travel off the estate now to buy anything else you need, it’s a joke. What used to be a lively happy place with plenty of social entertainment has now been turned into a ghost town full of concrete. They couldn’t even get centre 8 park right, all that space and that what they came up with hardly the most entertaining of places is it! I think it is about time the residence had a say in their own estate, otherwise you might as well just throw community out the window and rename it castle vale prison!

  7. At least it will provide for a nice day out. There seems little to do in Castle Vale and few opportunities left for community interaction. This area is unusual in having no pubs, and very few places where the community spirit can make itself evident. Because of this, I think Castle Vale needs more community events, even though it is only for one day. Whatever the politics of the situation, there can be nothing wrong with Castle Vale people having the chance to enjoy themselves, if they want to. I have never known a solstice event, and look forward to seeing what it has to offer. Maybe I will wear some flowers in my hair and dance around the small stone circle in Park Lane. Or maybe not.

  8. bob brueton

    I would just like to clarify that the objection was about use of the football pitch areas which might cause damage. BCC agreed to the event going ahead ONLY if the football pitches were not used. The committee organising the event have to meet strict guidelines on location, risk assessment, insurance, etc. The area being used is OUTSIDE the stadium close to where the old Fort Centre building used to be.

  9. Good on ya bob……
    there seems to be a lot of moaners about…..
    community spirit…..
    bah hunbug i say…..