Vale Mail published today

May’s edition of Vale Mail has been printed today, and should be delivered across Castle Vale over the next three days.


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  1. Looking forward to the jks write up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    The truth has come out.
    Over to you ex chairman and ex vice chairwomen.

  2. Whats the truth? cause that is not the truth in the vail mail, that is far from the truth!

  3. I. N. Cider

    I have just read the write up on ‘New Look JKS’. Vale Mail I cannot believe what has been printed. There are so many inaccuracies talk about poetic licence. Right from who called the meeting, to the bank accounts well that is another story, one club one back account, produce the accounts pre-committee I say, then you can have an opinion. If the seniors are able to attract sponsorship then what happened this year. Where did previous sponsorship come from. Who organised the committee, who arranged the trip to Mablethorpe. As for going forward I can’t see how it can when one person takes the credit for all the positive steps taken by others.

  4. here here!
    i have never read so much rubbish in all my life
    them two must live on another planet
    the meeings that have been arranged were to get rid of them two
    its a well known fact that the childrens monies was used to fund the adult team.
    mr editor you ought to be ashamed of yourself for prining such lies
    it has been said before that the vale mail is corrupt well this just proves it!
    why dont you turn up at the next meeting and see for yourself what is really said.
    we should be all demanding a public meeing. that way no lies can be printed.
    graham you should be hanging your head in shame

  5. jks parent

    well what is the truth of the club my what is going on why are parents not been told where have all my subs gone we dont have training kits we didnt go to maplethorpe dont you think a newsletter shuld be out to tel us what is going on luks to me 2 ppl are been selfish come jks let us parents in on the deal and shuldnt the comity be getting rid of 2 ppl wake up or there will be no children in jks to be a football club.

  6. all the parents need to turn up at the next meeting and start asking questions. i have never read so much lies in the vale mail. does anyone know when the next meeting is.

  7. John Deeble (Vice Chairman of Castle Vale JKS)

    Vice chairman statement:

    I would like to put and end to the speculation of Castle Vale JKS FC paying for the U8’s and U9 stars to go on the trip to Mablethorpe.
    This trip was arranged and paid for by parents of the two teams and not the club.

    The teams that have training kits, were paid for with money raised by the children in their own sponsored events.

    No monies withdrawn from the club to account for any part of these items.

    As for recent articles in the Vale Mail I would like to point out that all facts and an official statement regarding this matter will be published on our website

    For any future official information regarding the club please see the website.

  8. jks parent

    jks parents need to be imformed more about what is going on who is in charge now and i still want to no were are subs have gone graham just says about the seniers teams but what about the childrens teams im not paying no more subs until i get ansers

  9. All JKS Parents please read this….

    At the start of each JKS meeting the treasurer (Llyod Hadman) hands a print out which contains information regarding JKS.

    This hand out shows us exactly what money has come in to the club (and where it came from) and also what money has gone out of the club (and where it went to). It also tells us what the club balance is etc.

    If you are a parent and need any information with regard to the club or money etc PLEASE ask your childs coach as they will have been given this handout at the meetings.

    The other thing is if anyone would like to pop across an a Saturday morning there will be people over there who are more than happy to speak with you ie Club Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chairman.

    We are here to help so please dont just post comments like where is the money as if it has been taken away and that nobody knows where it is because every committee member and coach knows exactly where the money is aswell as lots of other useful information too.

    If you are genuinely interested come across


    Chris Allen
    JKS Communications Secretary

  10. Following the article that has been published in our local paper (Regarding JKS) The club have released a statement in response to the article and would encourage everyone who is interested in JKS to head over and take a look, it is actually a great read!

    The statement has been approved by the Chairman and the committee so please come and read the truth at

    Chris Allen

  11. Been on the jks website. at last someone prepared to give some answers. well done to the chairman and the new commitee. looks like a fresh start for the club. all the best to them, they have my support.

  12. why not ask graham for the money back that has been paid out to cover his fines. absolutley disgusting behaviour for a club chairman.
    just out of interest how much were these fines.

  13. are the vale mail now going to print the real truth about what has gone on at JKS

  14. I’d be more interested to know why was the club in so much debt, and why no accounts were available? Somone should be made to provide an answer!

    It was pleasing to see the new committee take steps to get other aspects right, but this must be cleared up and not swept under the carpet.

  15. just been on jks web site
    next meeting is tonite at stadium at 7 oclock
    will be interesting to see how many parents turn up!

  16. well the question was asked to pam 2 years ago.
    Because you must show records to he midland comb league so i dont how she got away with that,
    dont forget jks had many grants of different funds for football so what has happened to all the grant money aswell.
    income from jks kids should be at least £500 per month that is some tidy income.
    But outgoings:_______________.
    Iinsurance,pitch fees,officials.footballs.
    13 YEARS THE CLUB SHOULD BE MINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!.