Assault probe near Vale swimming pool

Police cordoned off the grassy mound outside Vale swimming pool in Farnborough Road today as they searched for evidence relating to an alleged assault.
The victim, a woman, had walked towards her home in Castle Vale from Minworth Social Club when she was alleged to have been assaulted. The incident occurred two days ago, but was only reported today.


13 responses to “Assault probe near Vale swimming pool

  1. why wasnt this assault caught on the cctv.
    do these cameras work!

  2. Big Brummie

    There is a big problem in that area, including Viscount Close, with antisocial behaviour, vandalism to cars etc that needs to be sorted out.

  3. if you think that visount close is bad you should visit abingdon way nearest the center park. its about time that the cvcha did something about the anti-social tenets that surround this area some much money and hard work on this estate for mindless idiots who think they can do whatever they like whenever and up yours to everybody elas

  4. im sick and tired off trouble on this estate, one of my daughters friends was beaten up very badly, he ended up in hospital and the police were involved, since then they have had to put up with threatening behaviour bad enough that they are moving off the estate, the response from the CVCHA was that there are no longer problem families on the estate!!! they couldnt even be bothered to turn up to a meeting that had been set up to try and help the family involved, this is not by far an isolated incident, me and my neighbours have had windows smashed, and things stolen, advice i have been given is to move well away, im seriously considering it, the CVCHA do not seem capable of dealing with ASB in my opinion.

  5. its not just tenants
    one neighbour has just finished his latest spliff and is now drilling his walls.
    this on the nicest sunday afternoon for weeks, everywhere quiet and calm
    but no
    not them
    bags of cash, no manners
    bought house, no consideration
    car begins bvg…..

  6. bang bang bang
    the selfish b——-

  7. I remember some years ago, after months of music so loud every day, that shook everything and it was impossible to hear the TV, no matter how loudly it was turned up. After asking the neighbours politely to turn down the music several times, only resulted in the music becoming even louder. Eventually we were left with no option to complain. The housing officer met our neighbours first to discuss the complaint, and then we were asked to attend a meeting. The housing officer told us that she had spoken to our neighbours, and had told them that because the music they played was garage music, that they were entitled to play it loudly, because this sort of music is supposed to be played this way. Asking the housing officer what would happen, if we retaliated, by playing our music loudly, she said that she would not stand for retaliation of any sort. She then advised us to do what she and her husband had done – namely to buy a detached house, so that we would not have to put up with the noise. She failed to understand that if we could afford to do such a thing, we would already have done so. Admittedly, this was some years ago, when the HAT was the landlord. Hopefully it has changed since then.

  8. it appears not!

  9. No change, still drilling and banging 3 hours later…..

  10. 7pm and he’s still drilling….

  11. 9.20pm and he’s hammering…

  12. report it! thats awful

  13. Not sure I can report anything except bad manners! As I understand it people are allowed to do DIY within reasonable hours & I think 10pm is the cut-off point.
    My beef is the sheer thoughtlessness of choosing yesterday to do it, one of the nicest days of the year; and the constant pong of skunk wafting through.
    Still, as I said, loadsa money, no kids, car, dirty great dog, they can please themselves & b****r the rest of us!