Sainsburys take action over petrol thefts

Petrol thefts from Sainsbury’s are on the way down, according to June’s crime figures for Castle Vale.
Only one motorist has driven off from Sainsbury’s Petrol Station without paying since an action meeting involving local police, neighbourhood manager Ruth Miller, and Sainsbury’s manager Dominic Zeal three weeks ago. The station had experienced a significant rise in petrol thefts in recent months, but Sainsbury’s have now put into place a series of measures designed to stop the thefts.
These include:

  • a new camera system on the forecourt to provide better video evidence
  • regular forecourt patrols
  • insisting that car doors are closed when motorists are filling up with fuel. This prevents vehicle owners hiding behind their  doors.
  • Insisting that motorists take off their hats before filling up
  • Insisting that headlights are turned off ( to prevent the lights distorting the CCTV footage).
  • Since the new measures, the quality of evidence against petrol thieves has improved dramatically says Sergeant james Nix. “Word is getting out that the Sainsbury’s forecourt is no longer a soft touch,” he said. Two arrests have been made for petrol thefts. One is awaiting trial, the other has been sentenced to 27 weeks in prison, having committed seven petrol theft offences and been charged with driving whilst disqualified.


    6 responses to “Sainsburys take action over petrol thefts

    1. David & Joan Townsend

      We were very impressed by the Sainbury’s manager’s contribution at yesterday’s Tasking meeting – he certainly live d up to his name of Mr. Zeal!Also, it was great to see the cooperation with the police – we appreciate Serg. James Nix and his staff, their contribution to the wellbeing and safety of the estate is very valuable.We appreciate the contribution of the Service Providers but the council must struggle to play their part in view of all the cutbacks,

    2. Well i think this just about sums up the lengths that people have to go through in this day and age with price increases and tax increases.
      The petrol increases are absoluely rediculess.

    3. !!!!!!!!!!!

      yor attertood is emmorell an yor spelins a joak…

    4. Ahhh wot a shame, dont matter that sainsbury the big corperation giant owned by arab company Qatar is not only robbing the public everyday with their ridiculously high prices and sale scams or that their poisoning the public with chemical packed produce….they shouldnt have even been allowed to open on here!!

    5. What are sainsbury’s going to do about the amount of shopping trolley’s littered on the estate, you see the trolley’s outside peoples front doors as if they owned them, should put a £10 deposit on trolly’s see if that cleans the estate up.

    6. what about the amount of dog poo all over the estate never mind the trolleys!