Council Cabinet ‘fully supports’ HS2

Birmingham’s Cabinet – the powerbase of the City Council – has given strong support to HS2, the high speed rail link that will run alongside Castle Vale. The Cabinet, led by Councillor Mike Whitby, say the plans will will result in significant economic benefits for Birmingham and the West Midlands, and would support regeneration and economic growth.
A letter from Mike Whitby to the HS2 consultation team says: “The City Council welcomes the proposals to develop a new network of High Speed Rail lines and fully supports the principles of High Speed Two.We see this as a once in a generation opportunity to invest for the future and provide a 21st Century high speed transport system linking the cities of the Midlands, the North and Scotland with London and Europe.The economic benefits for the UK, and specifically for Birmingham and the West Midlands,are clear – job creation, increased productivity and increases in average pay.”


One response to “Council Cabinet ‘fully supports’ HS2

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