As the crow cycles

How far from Vale to Birmingham City Centre?
Seven miles by road, according to the AA. But only four miles by canal towpath, say the signs on Manby Road. Not so, says one Vale cyclist, who clocked up seven miles on the towpath route to the City.
It’s one of a number of signs in Castle Vale that give misleading information and need updating, he says. Such as the sign to Paget Rangers – (disbanded 2002), and the sign to the HAT (Housing Action Trust – disbanded 2005).
Five years ago, the estate was promised a new set of Welcome to Castle Vale signs. They were paid for, and the cheque cashed. They still haven’t arrived. Perhaps they’re coming by one of the canal routes.


5 responses to “As the crow cycles

  1. money to burn comes to mind

  2. There are too many signs and street furniture in Castle Vale, which can prove to be an obstacle for the disabled or blind. I think the Spitfire wings, which are at the entrance to Castle Vale are quite ugly and seem to serve no purpose. Where Castle Vale is lucky is in having so many pieces of street art, such as the baby in Tangmere Square and the knight on horseback. I know of nowhere else in Birmingham that has so much public art.

  3. I agree the amount of public art on the estate is ridiculous, it looks out of place and unsightly. I also think that the money for the baby, the spitfire and the sale of the century horse could have been put to far better use. I hear cvcha are bankrupt is this true

  4. Philistine!

  5. To Anonymous.what we have to realise is that some people are more used to staring at four cell walls than walking round in freedom so have no appreciation of nice things.after you have had your freedom for a while maybe you will come to like the artwork on the estate