Three more arrests, and ‘large group causing disorder’ in Birmingham

In an update issued at 7.45pm this evening, West Midlands Police say that officers in Birmingham are managing a large group of people causing disorder in several areas within the city centre. There have been some shops attacked, and there is also a report of a car having been set alight in Moor Street.
Police say they have currently arrested three people in Birmingham city centre.
A number of police officers on duty across the West Midlands are tweeting information and updates to their website. Click here for WMP website.

In a statement issued at 9.10pm, police say that the trouble in Birmingham tonight has been on a smaller scale than the looting, vandalism and violence incidents of Monday night.


2 responses to “Three more arrests, and ‘large group causing disorder’ in Birmingham

  1. I hope those involved and who have been arrested are not let off lightly, because this will give others the green light to do it again in future. An example needs to be made, otherwise there will always be the chance of it being set off again at the least excuse.

  2. Those who are old enough should be drafted into the army. Taken away from all they know and have, taught discipline that is not happening and shown what real life is like.