Castle Vale petrol bomb attack—back to business for Innsworth shop

narrow escape—no one hurt in petrol attack on Innsworth Drive shop in Castle Vale

It’s business as usual for Mac Singh, owner of the newsagents in Innsworth Drive, Castle Vale, just three hours after his shop was hit by two petrol bombs.
He and his staff have swept up the mess, rearranged the shelves and the sweets, and are cheerfully serving plenty of well-wishing customers.
But they suffered a terrifying ordeal earlier today that could have ended in tragedy.
“At around 1pm today, two youths aged about 18 entered the shop,” says Mr Singh. “They asked for the price of some cigarettes. My wife was serving behind the counter. She thought the two looked a bit suspicious. One youth was white, one was black. They left the shop without buying anything, and then minutes later a glass bottle full of petrol was thrown into the shop through the door. A second bottle hit the door and bounced back. The petrol ignited and set the shop alight.
“We called the fire brigade. It seemed ages before they got here, but it was probably around 10-15 minutes. We used fire extinguishers, and eventually the fire was put out. Some of the shop has been damaged and so has some of the stock. But thankfully, no one has been hurt.
“If they had done this when the shop was locked up and closed, I could understand it better. But they knew that people were inside the shop, and it could have been murder.”
There is a  CCTV camera positioned above the shop, but Mr Singh believes it was facing away from the shop at the time of the attack.
“We’ve had lots of support from the local community,” says Mr Singh, who took over the shop around eight months ago.
“Local people have popped their head in to check that we’re okay and that no one has been hurt. We’re really grateful for all the support we’ve been getting since the attack.”


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  1. A. Davis - Locking Croft

    This appears to be another example of total mindlessness.

    As in the previous issue of the metal drains being stolen but nobody saw anybody. Let’s hope that the CCTV cameras operating in this area of Castle Vale can assist the Police.

    It’s quite simple – ALl CCTV cameras should be working and be able to provide images to the authorities when issues arise.

    Let’s see if anyone is apprehended.

  2. So, even small family businesses are now getting attacked. No longer content with looting the city centre and turning much of the country to ashes, these thugs have now moved onto local shops. They will not be happy until there is not one shop, police station or home left in the country. Having seen the news today, where a policeman said the law will come down hard on those they call “vigilantes” who try to defend their businesses, I only wish they could come down as hard on the thugs who have destroyed this country. But of course these thugs have their human rights to consider. And David Cameron seems particularly unable to take control of the situation. The army should have been brought in, and certainly individuals should be entitled to defend themselves.

  3. castle vale takes care of it’s own and i’m pretty sure these idiots names will come out and be dealt with accordingly. say what you like about the vale but locals wont put up with this kind of thing and i actually feel sorry for the idiots when they found out

  4. as long as no one was hurt. thats the main thing.

  5. the camera was possibly watching the park
    why you are probably asking
    the answer!
    to keep an eye on people drinking in the park!

  6. the camera watches the park opposite the shop, because in the past they have been served under age to alcohol. SIMPLE !

  7. these idiots have no respect for their parents never mind anyone else bring back national service see how tough they are when they have no friends to back them up …

  8. The former owners were known for selling alcohol to underage kids. I live very close to the shop and can see it from my front window along with the park and there is usually a group of adults drinking in the park during the daytime, no underage children. Since Mr. Singh has taken over the shop it and the area has become endlessly better. Hehas almost completely stamped out the underage drinking and he is always very friendly whenever you go in to see him he will always say hello to you and have a chat. I must say this is so saddening to see that someone would do this to their shop and it has made me very angry. We must find out who these people are and hand them over to the police

  9. little mugs the names will come out in the wash and they will be dealt with fact castle vale people wont tolerate this mindless rubbish kids could of bean in that shop and if anything happened i dread to think what would of come to the 2 mind less individuals they would have bean xxxx on from a great hight

  10. would help if correct procedure was being used. There are specific guidelines for the use of C.C.T.V this is not down to c.v.c.h.a but a company called Justice Fire & Security Residents should really know who is in charges ccctv on here and also who is responsible for the monitoring of them….t is the data public records which you can search for owners

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  12. the people responsible for castle vale c.c.t.v is Justice Fire & Security

  13. Justice Fire & Security they own castle vale cctv

  14. i am video recording the removal of my right to post the owners of castle vales cctv :0) Justice Fire & Security

  15. want to know who owns the cctv

  16. i tried to post this several times but it kept being rmoved, i recorded this as proof, and typed that i was recording it, and guess what all my posts suddenly re appeared except for the one stating i was recording my screen

  17. tried to post this several times but it kept being removed as i posted it, so i recorded my screen as proof

  18. i am disturbed by the fact however that the above company is not known and there is no access to their site, i am therefore as a parent going to complain about this as i would like to know who is behind the cameras for the safety and well–being of my child. I have made my solicitor also aware. Those that think it is ok for people to have control of peoples every movement without showing courtesy and revealing who they are should not really have control, and now i have to question whether correct rules and procedures are being met which i doubt

  19. the above company refuses you access to them and another listed company controlling cctv has no record or address, what and who are behind cctv because it looks very dodgy from where i am and especially now knowing cvcha is a ltd company. Can anyone clarify?

  20. This is actually rather scary, i visit that shop as often as once a day. Think, what if someone had been walking through the door as they threw it? They need to be locked up.

  21. Justice Fire & Security
    Unit A3 Oyo Business Units, 187 Park Lane, Castle Vale, Birmingham, B35 6AN
    Telephone 0121 3699893

  22. Justice Security Systems Ltd
    1 Scolmore Park
    Lichfield Rd Ind Est
    Staffordshire B79 7XB

  23. why annon are you bothered who runs cctv, are you not better spending your time catching the clowns who throw petrol bombs into the shop.

  24. A 10yr old lads bike was nicked by an 18yr old outside one of the other shops last weekend, I wonder if the camera right next to the shop recorded that?. if this company is so secretive as is suggested do these camera’s record any events? Who can access them? and do they comply with the legal requirements? Who monitors or audits them? Are the signs displayed around the estate informing public of the CCTV accurate? The signs i recall seeing says the system is managed by CATCH. I beleieve that there is a legal requirement to display information, I know I’m going to be looking around more carefully.

  25. what are the police doing

  26. probley nothing because they let the drugies xxxx head and low lifes get away with murder

  27. like has been said before the cctv is very selective in what it picks up. it does make you wonder who actually runs it. i have tried many times to go on website that the vale mail tells you and had no luck up to now.people really do need to be asking questions about what is going on here.

  28. Police? What police? Anyone seen a copper, CSO or the like round here recently?

  29. The reason I am bothered is as i stated before, I am not interested in police catching criminals they get paid to that job. I am also aware of how corrupt organisations are so please don’t patronise my intellect I am not some thick idiot with a lack of education. I stated my reason end of!