Police to use ‘digivan’ to display CCTV images of looting suspects

Police are using a mobile ‘digivan’ with a 6-foot square screen to display photographs of people wanted for looting and rioting in the city centre earlier this week. The van will stop at key shopping areas to allow people to view the images, in the hope that they can be identified.


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  1. CCTV footage as evidence
    CCTV footage can sometimes be used in court as evidence to prove someone was in a certain place or that they committed an offence.
    CCTV can also help to improve community safety by putting someone off committing a crime like robbery if they know their actions are being recorded.
    More information on CCTV on the Information Commissioner’s websiteOpens new window
    How to request CCTV footage
    You have the right to access images of yourself that may have been recorded by a CCTV camera system. This is because the Data Protection Act of 1998 means that public bodies, for example, local councils have to make any personal data available to you if you request it. Personal data is information that relates to an individual and is held by the public body.
    You will need to make a request in writing to the owner of the CCTV system. The owner’s details are usually written on a sign attached to the camera. You will need to provide enough information so that you can be identified in the footage, for example a specific date and time, and a description of yourself and your clothing. You may be charged a fee of up to £10 for a copy of the footage.
    If you contact a public body that holds CCTV footage of you, they must give you a copy of those images within 40 days. They may send you an edited version of the CCTV footage to protect the identities of other people shown in the footage.
    You can read more about data protection and freedom of information by following the links below.
    Freedom of information (government, citizens and rights section)
    Data protection (government, citizens and rights section)

  2. Data Protection Register – Entry List

  3. i dont want to know all this crap about rights.i am a law abiding person,i comite no crime i dont fear the police or the law…….so if i am on a CCTV video,i dont care,its not an infringment of my libertys.
    the cameas are the for thug huligans and thieves.
    Camera Action roll camera……..get the bag guys !!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m not a criminal, i’m a parent with concerns about who is able to view my young child on cctv, now if i’m wrong for showing concern then hey shoot me! you think im going to let any old tom dixk or harry watching my child and i dont even know if the person has been checked, your crazy!! already seeking advice on it

  5. mad man bang on and why you seeking advise anon?

  6. just because i fell it is my duty as a parent, would you really want anybody being able to follow a childs movements if you knew absolutely nothing about them. I probably sound neurotic but in this day and age where the safety of children is always questioned and also in light of reading a recent article made in the Daily mail by former child Actor from the 80’s Corey Fieldman, claiming that Hollywoods biggest problem is pedophiles and revealing revelations that both he and his co-star Cory Haim were both abused as children by people in Hollywood that we know but who he cannot name, and that they were everywhere, so please try and understand my concerns without shooting me down as a criminal trying to hide from police. I am not a child