Carnival starts at 11am, Centre Park

Castle Vale Carnival opens at 11am today (Sunday 14th) in Centre Park and goes on till 4pm. Entry is free.


27 responses to “Carnival starts at 11am, Centre Park

  1. Disgraced!! Who are the organisers as I would like to launch a formal collective complaint from a number of groups and persons.

  2. on what grounds?

  3. Was there actually a carnival? I went to Centre Park, but saw no carnival. As the event was called the Castle Vale Carnival, I would have thought it would have included a carnival. As it was, there was very little in the park of interest. Just information stalls, and a dog show which lasted ten minutes. Was I looking in the wrong place for the carnival?

  4. Hi Muldanian – I was at the Carnival and I saw young people performing, a Zumba class, 2 x dog shows each of which lasted more than 15 minutes, floats made by the young people that were there, a bouncy castle and slide, free games, a tug of war competition, a football competition, a drumming workshop as well as information, face-painting, live music, a DJ. I am sure there will be some photographs published in the next ValeMail to jog your memory.

  5. It still hardly describes a carnival, it wasn’t advertised residents were not consulted on what they wanted again! The dog show was a rubbish, look how many dogs are on Castle Vale why subject people to them performing like seals, they’re dogs. The entertainment provided was aimed at young children, nothing for the adults and 10mins of up to date music for the youths. As I have said I would like to know who organised this event as myself and others have a number of issues that need to be addressed and I am not willing to air my complaints in the Vale mail. I am however willing to take it to the newspaper.

  6. I have watched the carnival from the very 1st one which was great and they were great but soon as the restrictions set in by the idiots and the old moaners who’s idea of fun is a country style out of date fair that does not go past 5pm and does not actually involve any carnival-like atmosphere it just worse each year, now the carnival is just a pathetic former shadow of itself at best!

  7. Perhaps those who are moaning should get involved and help organise it!

  8. all you have to do is contact CVEC, castle vale events committee, they are always asking for help, and for people to get involved!!! i think you could contact them via the TRA?

  9. and id like to add, that i thought they did a superb job, my kids enjoyed it, and they certainly hit the right note for me, the bouncy castle , facepainting ect all free, if people just tried getting involved rather than moan maybe it would have had more appeal for them?? i was was on the committee until earlier in the yr and had to leave because of family commitments, and believe me, they worked so hard with the restrictions they had to keep a carnival on the estate, its not hard to put your opinion forward, id suggest its easier to sit back and complain?

  10. your talking to someone who was once involved and lost total interest and faith because of the territorial way people act, they only want yes/no people

  11. I thought they did a great job ,what more do people want they provided free entertainment all day ,ther was parade of floats that castle vale children made ,how many carnivals do you go to where the bouncy castle and slide and face painting is free ,there was a crowd of young people getting involved at the stage with music ,I say WELL DONE CVEC .
    People need to realise these events cost money to organise and time .
    I tihnk it was areally good community event .AND MOST OF IT WAS FREE

  12. You dont even know who the organisers are.If you was that bothered about the event and wanted it to be good why didnt you try to get involved before hand

  13. Muldanian, why are you complaining and yet remaining anonymous. If you are that interested in making the carnival better, make yourself known. You wont get any bad feed back, if anything it will be a good opportunity to get your ideas on what should be at the next carnival.

  14. Steve, I am confused by your comment. Are you under the impression that I am the same person, who is responding under “anonymous?” If so, you are incorrect. I have only one profile on here, and that is “Muldanian.” Would you want my entire surname and address? I notice though, you are calling yourself “Steve.” Am I therefore supposed to know who you are? I am sure there are many Steves living in Castle Vale. And if I am not entitled to my opinion, then I won’t express one in future.

  15. A small group of poeopl put a lot of hard work into making the carnival happen, I have to say how disappointed I am at some of the comments made here. I thnk it was a good day and a good amount of people turned up. if people do wish to get involved contact the TRA on 747-5932 and they will be put in contact with CVEC

  16. Yet another person going by the name of “anonymous.” I can assure you this is also someone else, and not another of my profiles.

  17. Oh and I suppose your name is really “Muldanian”

  18. Muldanian, my name is Steven Gregory and I live in Locking Croft. I don’t mind saying who I am. If you believe so much in your opinion then say who you are… You don’t have to give your address.

  19. I would like to state something here. Mrs Seymour one of the oldest residents on Castle vale and also somebody who has committed both time and energy into this estate by cooking and serving caribbean food for all kinds of events and carnivals as well as doing the same for the local church was told last year at party in the park by an organiser by the name of Joan surname not known ” we love you but we hate your sons” I want to know who this person is, and how a formal complaint is lodged as this is both offensive and hurtful, and now after 30+ years of all her hard work we will not be seeing or tasting Mrs Seymours food due to the abuse and disrespect shown to both her and her family. I as a resident and friend am disgusted in the treatment shown to her and demand an answer.

  20. joan get your trainers on

  21. childish comment

  22. Seconded. There are too many time-wasting idiots on this website advertising the extreme pointlessness of their lives.

  23. if this is true then its bang out of order
    whoever said this needs to be named and shamed

  24. it is true and i plan on making an official complaint.

  25. make sure u do make a complaint. someone has got to know who this woman is.

  26. non of the organisers go by the name of Joan? and there is a lot more to this than is being disclosed as far as im aware

  27. It seems a shame that so many people on here condemned the summer solstice event a couple of months ago, which was also free entertainment and when most of those involved gave their time free of charge. Yet people on this site were very critical of the event. Perhaps there is something I am missing, and don’t know about, but it just seems odd that some events are approved of, whilst others aren’t. And why should simply asking the question of whether there was a carnival at the Castle Vale carnival come in for so much criticism? I would like to have known whether there was a carnival, and if I had simply missed it or was looking in the wrong place. By carnival, I mean a street parade with floats with different themes, with people in fancy dress. Yet no one has been able to answer me this question, but have instead chosen to condemn my question. And whilst I agree that it is very nice to have a free bouncy castle and face painting for the young people, it should be remembered that there are many elderly people in Castle Vale, and maybe there should be something for them as well.