Riot and looting—community impact statements online

West Midlands Police have set up a website where people can make their comments about the effect the recent city centre riots have had on them, and how their business, daily life or how they feel the reputation of the region may have been affected. The site is open for the next seven days.
Police will collate the statements, which will then be handed to Magistrates and Judges over the coming weeks when they are passing sentences and listening to appeals for people convicted of offences.
Click here for the link to the police website, where there is a comments section.


3 responses to “Riot and looting—community impact statements online

  1. There is something wrong with this link, as it states that there is a problem with the security certificate and it recommends not continuing to the website. As this is supposed to be a police site, this seems very suspect.

  2. same here.

  3. The link is now working.