Jobless—it keeps getting worse for Brum

Birmingham has reached the top of the unemployment table, overtaking Liverpool as the worst hit major city in the UK.
12.1% of Birmingham’ population is jobless, compared with 12% of Liverpool, according to figures released this week.
Birmingham’s plight is almost twice as bad as Greater London (6.5%) and far worse than the West Midlands region as a a whole (6.7%).
Tyburn (Castle Vale, Pype Hayes, Erdington Hall and Birches Green) have an unemployment rate of 14.7%.
Last month, all ten of Birmingham’s constituencies saw a rise in the jobless figures.


38 responses to “Jobless—it keeps getting worse for Brum

  1. well it dont help when certain people on here are taking jobs illegally and giving people a chance to apply cos its all kept hush hush ask c.v.c.h.a

  2. 95% of castle vale unemployed

  3. The reason most people are unemployed is not because there are no jobs but because they can’t be bothered doing minimum wage roles. I was made redundant in 2009, a high paid job, took me a year to find a new one which was for a very low wage. Didn’t bother me as long as I was in work. Unfortunate for me I was made redundant a second time.

    I have been looking again for over a year for anything but keep getting told I am over qualified. I am NOT on benefits so have no incentive not to work.

  4. hello i think the country is in amess with the job situation, how are some of the school leavers supposed to get a job with no experience? they work for an agency and lose the job after a few weeks its terrible. the government is useless no wonder we had the riots

  5. hi it is really hard to get a job ,you are better off working for yourself

  6. well it dont help when certain people on here are taking jobs illegally and giving people a chance to apply cos its all kept hush hush ask c.v.c.h.a


  7. As for working for minimum wage r u havin a laff, a dog couldn’t live on that. There is no point in slogging ur guts out and working all week if u have nothing at the end but enough money for bills and some food if ur lucky, reality check u need, slap yourself for being so naive

  8. “As for working for minimum wage r u havin a laff”

    So, you’d rather sit around doing nothing, claiming off the social. And people wonder why society is going down the pan and the jobless just keep on increasing. Are you in the “Coming over here, taking our jobs brigade?”. There’s a reason they’re taking “our” jobs. A ridiculous sense of privilege where people think certain jobs are beneath them and as a result, won’t even go for them.

  9. I would rather work for minimum wage than not work at all. It teaches my kids that they should value work, you might start on minimum wage but if your good at your job your wage increases. You get a sense of doing something rather than taking. I worked from the age of 16 starting on £10,000 then I moved to a better job for £13k, after that £17 then unto £25k before losing my job.

    My point is you get out what you put in, so what if you only earn enough to pay bills and have a bit left over at least you would be setting an example. I’m tired of all these people who expect everything for nothing. That’s the problem, people want but they can’t be bothered to work for It.

  10. it’s not about not wanting to work for a minimum wage, hellooooo! you try living on £5.93 p/h jobs and see how you survive….i rest my case can’t be arsed with no brainers who dont know wen to take the blinkers off and see life as a reality not as some ideal that does not exist. Also why should i work for minimum wage and pay ax wen banks pay naff all, and most corperations don’t pay tax neither does the church…..mugs!!!!

  11. I did work for minimum wage delivering fresh food. I have 2 kids and a mortgage and managed to cope. You work to a budget and but essentials. Are you saying that you won’t work because of bankers?

    The benefit system has bread a society where people have lost the willingness to work. That will change, take pride in yourself a contribute to society instead of moaning about it does nothing for you. Tax is paid so we have services like the NHS, council work etc. Without it there would be nothing and no benefit service.

    This is why we have the unemployment rate we have because people can’t be arsed to get of their bum and go to work.

  12. what u have said is absolutley spot on. thats why this country is called benefit britain.
    why go to work when u get everything paid for!
    its ok to do work cash in hand isnt it and get away with it
    if the fraud investigators came on the vale they would save millions.

  13. People should be made to work on minimum wage. You can then get tax credits to make up the difference.
    The trouble is most people on benefits are just bone idle.
    I know people who are apparently no fit enough to work but are ok to work “voluntary”. What is the difference there!
    The difference is that the voluntary work is actualy paid work and they get away with it.
    The benfits system is far too soft with these scroungers!

  14. This is where you lot are neandertal, you might be happy to live the life of a worker ant slogging your guts out til your close to deaths door on enough money to get u a mortage (noose round the neck) and one or two holidays once a year, and all the materialistic non essential crap you can possibly purchase, but some of us more humanlike people see more to life….try getting one, and stop being slaves to the system….shallow minded or what

  15. “This is where you lot are neandertal, you might be happy to live the life of a worker ant slogging your guts out til your close to deaths door on enough money to get u a mortage”

    Actually, I’m not just working like a worker ant to get me a mortgage; clearly I’m working to pay for people like you to sit on your arse all day and not be “slaves to the system”. You contribute nothing to society, but just sit there, draining away at the resources that everyone else contributes for your benefit.

    And you think this makes me “neandertal”? Give me a break.

  16. May I ask what you do as you obviously do not work. As you will be aware receiving benefits also make you a slave to the system because without them you would have nothing, no home, no money, nothing. You probably have a house that we pay for, money we supply from our tax. You are a taker, a drain on society.

    As you put nothing into society you should not complain as it is society that is looking after you. If you don’t like it sod off somewhere else and see how long you last without non essential items. As I see it giving you benefits so you can disrespect hard working people is non essential and the money could be better spent.

  17. and how do you know i sit on my arse all day? stop assuming, those who jump to conclusions often get hurt in the fall didn’t you know. Actually you are a worker ant FACT. You are nothing more than a slave to the bank and the rich, you’ll retire with very little and will have nothing to show for your life except a house full of materialistic rubbish and sun damage from years of holidaying abroad cos it’s the norm in your rigid lifestyle, wow what a lifetime achievement, pat yourself on the back…..dna facts make you neandertal dear didn’t you learn that in school, not very bright are you

  18. you want to talk about draining resources, haha don’t make me laugh…Privatisation has been doing a grand job of draining resources for years, a bit like cvcha now 3 repair men for 11,000 homes all in the name of cost effective and more profits for them….

  19. u assume much and know very little, fact only please….

  20. Humans are homo sapiens not neandertals, the only link of dna between the 2 was acquired in 2009 after microscopic traces of neandertal dna were found in some human sex cells.

  21. Take a leaf anone

  22. from where? surely not from any drizzle written on here

  23. Fact the economy is in a bitter mess, fact it is not down to benefit claims, fact the banks and government as a whole have created this mess.

  24. We had similar unemployment figures in birmingham back in 1985 and i’m pretty sure it was a tory rule then….hmmmmm ring a bell much!

  25. 1 in 10 say no more

  26. for those that think unemployment is new

  27. need a reminder of the past that bought about the future

  28. ahem … DRIVEL actually

  29. ahem… BROUGHT, actually

  30. learn that the world does not revolve round your selfish materialist ways

  31. You know nothing about me.

    “I’ll retire with little” – don’t think so. I’ve got a very healthy superannuation pension that’ll pay very nicely once I’ve finished working. You see, because I work and earn money, I can put some of it into a pension.

    “slave to the rich” – not really. I’m paid by a charity to perform cutting-edge medical research that works towards saving lives in the future. I’m a slave to my job – yes – but that’s because I like it. I like the idea that my work is helping to save lives. I also like the idea that the findings I discover will live beyond my death and therefore I will avoid having…..

    “nothing to show for (my) life” (your words) and may actually accrue some of what you call “lifetime achievement(‘s)”.

    “not very bright are you” – I think it’s pretty obvious to all who read this who the stupid one is.

    Finally, you’re right, DNA does make you a Neanderthal. Although it’s pretty unlikely me or you are, considering Neanderthals have been extinct for at least 24,000 years.

    Somebody asked you above, but I think it’s an interesting point: what do you do for a living, seeing as I’ve incorrectly(?) assumed you do nothing all day?

  32. far too many people claiming benefits . if the dss were to come on the vale they would save millions . its not rocket science.

  33. Although the banks have indeed played their part you cannot say we have not done the same. We use credit like there is no tomorrow, I myself years back got caught in the credit trap. Now however if I cannot afford it straight away I save up for it, if I don’t really need it I don’t buy it. We are all to blame for living beyond our means.

    There are jobs out there, granted they are for minimum wage but technically minimum wage is more than what is received from signing on. You would still get certain benefits like housing, council tax and also working tax credits. I don’t understand the problem with working for a living, if you able to why not.

    There are reports about cancelling JSA after 1 year if you refuse a minimum wage job or halving the benefits of people who choose not to work, what would you do then?. For those like me who were in high paid jobs there is nothing stopping us getting a minimum wage job (which is what I have) and continuing to look for a better paid one in our original field.

  34. speak for yourself on the credit thing m8, some of us live on a cash only basis cos we see through the scam, as well as living within means instead of fighting to keep up with the jones…Minimum wage is not even worth raising ur head off the pillow for in truth, it don’t even cover the cost of living, are you blind or do you just refuse the huge gap between the cost of living the rise in inflation and wages? why are their people like you still trying to justify this poor government, take a reality check, and no not through what comes out your square box opposite your armchair…Loss of benefit threats are just bullying tactics me and many others do not buy.

  35. The banks have played a part, errrm i think they have played more than a part if you do your research right

  36. No i meant drizzle, u know the kind that that slowly drizzles in drips of uselessness!

  37. Without the worker ants you despise so much, there would be no tax revenue to fund your high-falutin’ principles. You can knock materialism all you like, but it keeps you fed!

  38. Some of you live on a cash basis because that is what you get from the tax payer. You don’t work so you cannot get credit, I’m sure if you could you would.

    You are another that does not work but takes,then moans about the government. Government doesn’t get you a job, you do. It is you who is in control of your life no one else. If you decide not to work and rely on the state then you are drain. Hopefully benefits will soon no longer be a life choice. I have been working from leaving school and I’d rather be that person than like you. My contribution to society has been creations of housing, offices, playgrounds things that will be there long after I have gone, what have you contributed?