Is Centre Park Birmingham’s best park?

Nine of Birmingham’s parks are contending for the local Green Flag People’s Choice Award.
The parks are: Aston, Lickey Hills Country Park, Cannon Hill Park’ Kings Heath Park, Castle Vale Centre Park, Handsworth Park, New Hall Valley Country Park, Ward End Park and Sunset and Moonlit Park.
Click on this link  if you wish to go to the page where you can cast your vote for Vale’s Centre Park.


2 responses to “Is Centre Park Birmingham’s best park?

  1. I’m surprised Pype Hayes Park is not listed. I walk there with the dog almost every day, and it has some beautiful landscapes, and a flower garden and pond, with plenty of swans, ducks and geese. There is also a new brookside path, which is very beautiful. Plus, of course, there is Pype Hayes Hall, which at over 400 years old, is one of Birmingham’s older buildings.

  2. Centre park hahahahahaha errrrr thats a big no no! it’s about as entertaining as watching paint dry and serves no real purpose, complete waste of money, as it is just a place for the dogs to roam round leadless and sxxt all over the place. The equipment is beyond basic and apart form the few swings and tiny slide, there is nothing for the kids to play on it’s rubbish, i could have designed a better park myself for half the cost of that!