‘Disappointing’ GCSE results at Vale

Castle Vale is one of three schools in Birmingham that have failed to meet the government target of 35% in this year’s GCSE results.
28% of students at Castle Vale School achieved 5 A*-C grades including maths and English, compared with 31% last year. Headteacher Clive Owen says he is disappointed.
58% of pupils across Birmingham’s schools achieved 5 A*-C grades including English and maths this year, compared with 54% last year.


42 responses to “‘Disappointing’ GCSE results at Vale

  1. just goes to show the kids on the vale dont want to learn. why should they get jobs when their parents are unemployed. its been said on here before unemployment breeds unemployment.

  2. such a shame, as a member of staff at a local secondary school I know how hard the staff work at CV to support their students.

  3. Castle Vale School failed to meet government standard!
    What a suprise that is!

  4. Yes they do!

    My son left Castle Vale school with good results and is about to start his second year at college. He is also in the process of looking at universities for next year. Taking into account he may end up in tens of thousands of pounds of debt due to governments decisions about university funding, he is still going for it.

    Believe me life is hard out there for young people.

  5. How can you say kids don’t want to learn r u stupid really! their off school more time than they r there because of the ridiculous amount of holidays they have, supply teachers come n go like the sun so the kids don’t even get a chance to build up a proper teacher pupil relationship. The whole education system is now built on performance targets and has absolutely naff all to do with kids progress. Unless your a real bright spark under achievers are paid very little attention which then results in them being disruptive caused by frustration. Castle vale comp sends kids home for the most pathetic reasons such as not having a pen!! and all this does is encourage the child to play up more in hope of being sent home. As for the teachers some of them are a disgrace to their profession, i went to the comp and the teachers consisted of a former go go dancer one committed suicide one male teacher stalked and had an affair with a female teacher whos was also well known for flirting with male pupils. Former teachers adding pupils and parents on facebook and then behaving inappropriately!!! now tell me its cos the kids don’t want to learn!!!!

  6. I believe those who cannot achieve academically should be allowed to do something to contribute to their end result. Maybe building courses, plumbing, carpentry etc. This would allow them to get a qualification in something but the rule must be that they have to keep a good grasp of the essential lessons maths, English and science.

    This would remove those from certain classes, give them other things to concentrate on and reduce disruption in class. Not everyone is an academic so you should not just cast aside those who find things hard.

  7. Parents should support by ensuring pupils arrive with a pen etc and willing to cooperate with the school. If they are on holiday then its an opportunity for the parents to spend time and influence them in a positive way.

  8. this is about education not parenting, two seperate issues stick to the subject instead of sidetracking.

  9. Despite all the bluster Castle Vale Comp continues to fail the kids. If a football club was in or around the relegation zone every year they’d have a change of management, but when it’s the school they just carry on with the same old same old, and nobody in high places seems bothered.

  10. I have seen how castle vale school operates and the problems at the school are obvious in rank order they are (1) the headteacher (2) behaviour (3) The head teacher (4) behaviour and so on, the school needs a leader to address the behaviour issues and in turn the results will improve, the school is failing and has been for a long time , now its time for a change starting with the head

  11. It’s time concerned parents began to make a serious fuss about the casual incompetence that seems to characterise Castle Vale School’s management team. Surely Special Measures are called for? Boot out the immature staff who fraternise with pupils whether on campus or on Facebook, and get some professionals in. Our children have only these 5 years to achieve their goals; shame on those who are holding them back.

  12. As he hasn’t achieved his performance targets, shouldn’t he go? Or have his salary reduced?

  13. There were 2 separate comments here which have disappeared. Why, Mr. Editor?

  14. It’s very ironic that the opinionated people on this page don’t even seem to know the difference between basic things such as your and you’re, different words people… I left castle vale school a few years back with every single exam grade ‘C’ or above and I’ll think you’ll find ( to the person moaning that the less intelligent children get nothing like the smart children get) that the smart kids are generally over looked whilst the school tries hard to get the poor grades up of the children who quite frankly don’t want to learn and at home are not made to either.

  15. If the childrens parents haven’t taught them manners to listen and havent given them the basis to learn, by helping with homework, reading with them when they are little among many other things, plus haven’t taught them to turn up to school. Its a parents job to make sure the child gets to school, has the right equipment, listens to teachers, does their homework, adheres to the rules and has the basis to be successful in school! Children don’t start school till they are 4, and in the first 4 years are probally the most important of a childs life and if the parents don’t do their jobs properly then, then the schools can’t do theirs. The teachers at the comp are brilliant, along with the management team. What makes a school is the kids, there is only so much a teacher can do between 9 and 3, and with no methods of punishment apart from sending someone home, detention or suspension (which the kids seem to like), what on earth can the teachers do to get the grades up when they have done a brilliant job, its down to the kids and parents to gets the grades, as the children have being given all the teaching and revision, so if they had turned up, or had listened or had behaved they would of done it. If some kids pass their exams, why aren’t the rest? Its not the school, they do their very best and do an amazing job working with some very challenging children.

  16. Anemone, sounds like a personal gripe to me rather than a reasoned argument?

  17. Anonymous, which comment are you referring to? I’ve no experience of Castle Vale School either as a pupil or a parent. When I wrote “our children” it was in the inclusive sense, i.e. Castle Vale children in general. I’ve lived here for many years & the school has always been the subject of controversy, & usually teetering on the brink of total failure. That just isn’t good enough, you can’t go on failing children & getting away with it.
    Could you point out which part of my post is NOT a “reasoned argument”, please? I’d be happy to revise it under your expert guidance – assuming that’s what you’re offering?.

  18. i for one am not surprised one bit seen as most of the pupils spend there time after school hours in either the center 8 park or insworth drive or wherever else they found to go and get drunk and cause anti social behavior is anybody really surprised i mean really. i went to castle vale comp many moons ago when the school had nothing and a bad rep at a time when castle was not a nice place and there was not a lot of support and me and 90% of the pupils that went to the school have jobs or careers all you ever hear is excuses about it’s the headmasters fault they get sent home for not having the right equipment they behave badly because they have nothing to do and let me tell you there is a lot more to do on castle vale today than there was in my day and my generation turned out half decent stop pushing the blame on others and take responsibility for your own actions and be an individual stop following the the other idiots make something of your life before you realize it maybe to late

  19. What a shame that some people despite having hard facts presented to them through the media and government still refuse to accept that Britain has a failing education system that has been on the decline for many years. Why can’t people see past their own noses, n/a whilst you have some valid points on the right type of parenting at a young age which i too believe is paramount you have still completely avoided the bigger picture, and your comment shows a lack of research. Your just sharing your personal viewpoint which is great but it’s yours and the general consensus of the public. You cannot keep tackling problems from the bottom up, it hasn’t changed anything so far, it’s about time society took it from the top down, because it’s the people in high places that are out of touch with the real world that need sacking!

  20. I feel having visited Castle Vale School recently in a professional capacity the staff and pupils are happy, cared for and the teaching staff work harder than any other secondary school I have visited, in order foe students to get good results the parents students and school need to work together to help the students aspire to achieve, start at home then it will transfer into a work ethic at school.

  21. The teachers and the teaching is good, progress by pupils is hampered by disruptive behaviour that Mr Owen has ignored for years.

  22. The governors keep giving him increases!!!

  23. To all the people that refused to accept Castle vale school as a failing institution…..Read the Tyburn news and then tell me it’s all down to the parents!

  24. Did read the Tyburn news. Worrying. The worst school in the city and they don’t know why. If other schools on estates do so much better, why can’t we? Governors need to discuss this and take a vote of confidence in the headteacher.

  25. The governors may not know why but plenty of people do, its just that the Head and the Governors do not listen.

  26. When you can be sent home for forgetting a pencil case and yet disrupt lessons with just a ticking off it shows the management have the wrong priorities!

  27. a complete clear out of all staff is urgently needed. why is this being allowed to carry on. that school has been failing for a long long time. so glad my children dont go there. we are talking about childrens futures here and its very worrying. how are pupils supposed to learn when the staff really do not care.

  28. you must work at the school. you are the only person on here praising it up.something needs to be done about it and it needs to be done urgently.

  29. As a resident of over 28 years on Castle Vale, and with tenuous links to the school, i cannot help but be aware that the attitude of some of its pupils is a reflection of the poor policy on discipline. The pupils are in no rush to arrive at their place of learning and will stand outside the local shops in groups well into their first lesson. Had i done that as a schoolgirl i would have been afraid of the punishment i would receive for being late. Pupils may be sent home for not having the correct equipment, but the disruptive element are allowed to stay and it is those who, i believe, contribute to the appalling examination results. Their behaviour can and does seriously affect the learning of others, hence Castle Vale sits at the bottom of the league table in Birmingham. The person responsible for creating and implementing the policies on Discipline and Raising Standards is the Head Teacher. It is he who should be accountable, he who should lose his job; not his two loyal deputies, one of whom has devoted his career to the well-being of the pupils of Castle Vale.

  30. I used to work at Castle Vale School and I loved working there. I left however, because no matter how hard the teachers and management worked, it was impossible to counteract the ingrained low aspirations that many of the students and parents held. Too many students did not value the learning experiences which were carefully crafted by some of the most talented teachers I have had the privilege to work alongside.

    The biggest issue the teachers faced was the lack of support from parents when tackling lateness, lack of engagement, failure to come prepared for learning, failure to do a jot of work outside of school, poor attitude towards adults and utter disrespect for other students other than those they hung around in ‘gangs’ with.

    Some parental support was outstanding, they however, were in the minority. I do not understand how you can possibly expect a school like Castle Vale to become successful. It is unsupported by the clients it serves, the majority of students lack any aspiration to leave Castle Vale and this cycle has continued for decades, plain fact, NO school can be successful on Castle Vale.

  31. As the parent of a child who went to Castle Vale School (left 4 years ago) I would like to say that I do agree with some of what you have said BUT you have failed to mention that there are also some teachers who fell into the category of which you describe above. For instance their ingrained low expectations of the students based on prejudices regarding where they lived and the background they came from. Coming late or ill prepared for lessons. My child had some excellent teachers whom I met with on a regular basis to discuss & resolve issues with but also some very poor and ignorant ones. One rather large teacher who taught cookery (I can’t remember the fancy name for it now) used to keep cream cakes in her fridge and get them out and eat them in front of the class, her attention to hygiene was also called into question when she wanted to interfere with food items without washing her hands! Then there was the young student MATHS teacher that was left in charge of a class and tried to exercise her authority by shouting at 14/15 year olds, hello!! admittedly this did not happen after I challenged this situation. So there are 2 sides to every story. What I will agree with is that the student, teachers (including the head teacher) and parents have to work together. My child left with good GCSE passes but NO career advice or support in getting or preparing for the world of work. Fortunately they had us as parents & relatives to help them who have experience in the world of work and they now have a very good job with good prospects. What happens to the other students who do not get support from school or home, what is in place for them, the dole queue that’s what. So please tell the full story next time.

  32. I forgot to say, if you can suspend students for not doing homework, coming to class prepared etc WHY aren’t teachers suspended for doing exactly the same!

  33. So the fact that the school sits at the bottom of the league table is the pupils, parents and communities fault.
    Deeply insulting. Plenty of good people on the Vale who deserve a high quality school. Yet to meet a parent who does not want the very best for their children.
    Governors, please give the school a new headteacher.

  34. Nobody cares! After all its only the `vale`. The headteacher needs to go!
    its as simple as that. If my child went to the school i would be demanding action. The parents need to be demanding a public meeting. Every chid has the right to a good education so what are you parents waiting for. Somebody has got to start the ball rolling!!!

  35. There is a culture of blame rather than support. If the Head and Chair of Governors don’t know why the results are poor they should go – its there job to know! How can they improve the school if they don’t know what’s wrong, another ill researched knee jerk reaction? They don’t know what is wrong because they do not listen. Governors, spend a day in the school.

  36. im a pupil at this school,there is nothing wrong with this school,its the kids that dont want to learn,it not the teacher’s falt there put there hard work in the lesson’s but no of the kids want to learn,but me….

  37. As an ex pupil from a different era (Long live Mrs Putman), a relative of current pupils and a parent to young children I have found myself becoming more and more disappointed with this school. I can honestly say that unless it drastically improves there is no chance at all of me sending my children here to fail. All the parental support in the world still won’t automatically ensure success unless the teachers are competent. Someone needs to find a way to force the board of governors to take an urgent look at this school, and it’s management.
    There’s always talk of how Castle Vale as a community wants to get past it’s stereotypes and improve for future generations. How can that happen when this is the type of establishment ‘educating’ our children?!

  38. Just wondering if any body read the letter in the Tyburn news regarding Castle Vale High school. stating that parents who send there children to that school are irresponsible and that the children will only come out of the school as extras for a zombie movie. my daughter is a year 8 pupil and would love to hear other parents pupils views. Thanks

  39. Haha, prime example of a current students grammar! Case proven!

  40. I too had a child in year 8 until last week my child never settled in although they had some great teachers there was no discipline for the unruly ones my child is now in his second week at john willmott and the difference is amazing you only have to step through the door to see the school has a completely different attitude to learning castle vale has really deteriated over the last few years I only wish I had moved him sooner but his sister did really well at cv

  41. Mr Owen is getting rid of some of the best teachers mr white mr Bennett mr riggall mr Brandt mr bachelor and miss Reynolds rather underhandly telling them unless they leave by a certain date he will sack them this is what they get for supporting their students is this really the man we need as a head teacher I think not

  42. I would say move her ASAP give her a chance at a good education