JKS on top

Castle Vale JKS beat Castle Vale FC 2-1 in the local derby at Farnborough Stadium to go top of the Midland Combination Premier Division after three games of the season.


11 responses to “JKS on top

  1. the biggest crowd ever witnessed 122 in the midland comb premier
    mainly castle vale jks support
    a hard fought derby with jks wanting it more.
    jks is looking good for promotion.
    come on the vale.
    castle vale should be looking to change the name to boldmere.
    for next season

  2. Perhaps Castle Vale aka Kings Heath aka Boldmere could change there name to West Midlands FC that should cover every ground they move to

  3. David Townsend

    I thought it was a keen hard fought game and the referee was a little pernicky at times – it was after all a local derby! I left just before the end before Castle Vale scored but after they had had a man sent off. JKS just shaded it and won. As an aged resident of CV I,m interested in how many players playing actually live here – I was told that there was a good number – I would be interested to know just how many. I all for encouraging the locals to be involved.Well done to all concerned!

  4. this is why we have so many young girls getting pregnant too much emphasise on boys sports, it’s discriminating the amount of attention and money football gets

  5. I think you Really need to get a life .Jks are doing wonders for this estate for boys and for girls keep up the good work guys ..

  6. I hear Paget Rangers are coming back to Vale Stadium and there be no room for jks.They have backing of the Council.
    I cant believe this would be allowed to happen after the debts they left behind them.
    Also if it wasent for Castle Vale FC and some of there committee there would be no football ground left there as the Houseing Ass at the time were ready to close and Knock the stadium down.

  7. The name Castle Vale will stay.Half the committee are off the Vale and the Club is proud to be associated with the Estate.

  8. Yes, girls should be encouraged to do more with their legs than just spread them …

  9. what a silly and imature reply.

  10. Not at all silly – it’s the girls who are immature (that’s with 2 ms), did you see the comment about teen pregnancies? Far too many on the Vale – it seems like the only career option for some.
    Do stop getting so personal, Anonymous, your prejudice is showing!

  11. idiot!
    you need to get a grip!