TRA Public Meeting

The TRA (Tenants and Residents Alliance) are holding a public meeting at Spitfire House before their AGM on Saturday 1st October, between 10am and 2pm.
The public meeting will discuss the possible closure of local amenities such as the swimming pool, stadium and conservation area, and the issue of Community Asset Transfer, where local people take over the running of Council services and buildings.
People interested in joining the TRA Board should contact the office on 0121 747 5932 for an application pack and return it by Friday 16th September 2011


33 responses to “TRA Public Meeting

  1. If you expect the residents to turn up advertise it properly unless your trying to keep it hush so that only the same old few turn up…Make it known if you want a full and honest opinion from the 11,000 homes it will effect not everyone has internet access and not everyone reads the paper plus it always comes late!!

  2. Well said!
    It doesnt matter what the residents want
    They are quick enough sending letters out if you go into arrears with your rent.
    Same old same old!

  3. How can the conservation area be closed? It is open land. So unless the land is built on, or a giant wall built around it, it will be hard to “close.”

  4. They all talk a good talk dont they!

  5. just a few points. 1 the TRA are not the landlord so they don’t send letters out to people about rent arrears in fact one of the services they offer is debt and benefit advice for the residents of Castle Vale.

    2 look up consultancy-localisewestmidlands and you will see that the Neighbourhood Partnership Board (and before anyone says it they are nothing to do with the TRA) commissioned consultants to do a scoping study around the asset transfer of the Baths/Stadium/Conservation area in 2010

    A group of residents formed a tasking group and worked with consultants exploring the possibility of asset transfer.

    The TRA are opining up the debate around the closure of services and possible asset transfer for the baths etc. What would you rather happen? Nothing? No debate for the wider community?

    I suggest you spread the word to neighbours and friends and come along to the meeting and have your say.

    Yes not everyone has the internet but it’s a start isn’t it? Don’t knock people for trying to help.

  6. May I just add to this the information about this meeting will be in the next addition of the Vale Mail, the meeting is a public meeting, the idea is to get out in the open the issues surronding clousure of public services. all ready this year the Neighbourhood Office has closed the Baths and sports facilities may be next, then what most likley the libary which is only going to be open four days a week in the future, The reason the TRA want to get involved with these issues is to ensure the community are engaged are consulted. I would suggest the people who have posted the comments on this site come to the meeting and tell people to come as well. For the record the TRA are leading the line to make sure these services stay open. If a line is not drawn in the sand these services will be lost forever and that would be very sad all round.

  7. There are far far too many groups on this estate. One doesnt know what the others are doing. If the NPB Board are dealing with the takover of the facilities then what is it to do with the TRA. Too many people getting involved in the same issues. They all talk a good talk but do very little else.

  8. Exactly! Who do these silly little groups think they are!

  9. Well why don’t C.V.C.H.A fund the baths, they was quick enough to snap up switch fm and the cctv, and lets face it they collect more than enough money in rent…..How come the residents do not have a say on where they’re rent money goes but yes it’s true they are quick enough getting the money off you but spend it to they’re own advantage, there is already too many chiefs in that office!

  10. Considering the vale mail is for the community i dont ever see any input from residents, everything we read in it is chosen and dictated, how about we have a say what goes in it for a start. You want resident involvement get your arses out the office and try and engage them instead of hiding behind a desk paper or laptop!!

  11. Try knocking a door every now and then it won’t kill you!

  12. Was you aware that no negative comments are allowed to be published in Vale mail against C.V.C.H.A because they own it like they do the cctv!!!!!

  13. Scrap the cctv and switch which only serves people outside the estate and get some much needed services back on here. Were ripped off by housing and shops were isolated and have no proper services. C.V.C.H.A need sacking and BCC bought back for the good of the people that live on an almost destroyed community that was sold out!!

  14. as for the c.c.t.v did you know that as it is not a real person it’s evidence is void as a camera cannot testify in court….

  15. Location of Cameras – Data Protection Principle 2

    To ensure the images are captured in a manner prescribed the location of cameras must be carefully considered.
    The equipment should be used only to monitor the intended spaces.
    Owners and residents of domestic premises must be consulted if domestic premises border the intended area to be viewed. (Not mandatory but good practice)
    Those operating the system must be aware of its purpose and only use it for its specified purpose.
    The cameras must be restricted where practicable so that those operating the system cannot overlook spaces that are not intended to be viewed.
    Signs, which are clearly visible and legible, should be displayed so that the public are aware they are entering an area covered by CCTV.
    Specific information should be included on the sign
    Identity of who is responsible for the scheme
    The purpose of the scheme
    Identity of who is responsible for the scheme *
    Details of who to contact regarding the scheme *
    (* only applies if the location does not make this obvious)
    If signs are not appropriate and monitoring is for a specific CRIMINAL activity:
    Fully document the following steps
    Identify the specific criminal activity
    Identify there is a need to use surveillance to obtain evidence of that activity and whether the use of signs would prejudice success in obtaining such evidence
    To ensure it is not carried out for longer than necessary, assess how long covert monitoring should take place

  16. so if cctv can see in your house maybe questions need to be raised

  17. Access by Data Subjects

    This right is provided by section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 – Data Protection Principles 1, 6 & 7.
    When data subjects make a request for accessing their information, those operating the system must be able to recognise such a request.
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    Data Subjects can claim compensation for “damage” suffered as a result of breaches of this Act

  18. Signs, which are clearly visible and legible, should be displayed so that the public are aware they are entering an area covered by CCTV.

  19. I hope c.v.c.h.a is aware of the breaches they are making

  20. Registration Number: Z6322937

    Date Registered: 14 January 2002 Registration Expires: 13 January 2012

    Data Controller: CVCHA LTD

    B35 7PR




  22. you are obviously involved with the TRA by the way you are bigging them up . when have this group or any other silly little group on here ever listened to what the residents want.

  23. Ray Goodwin TRA

    Having read all the comments even the ones attributed to the TRA, I would like to clarify the TRA stance on closure of public services, firstly for many reasons over the last 12 months and over the next few years there have been and will be unprecedented public sector spending cuts. The reality of this is that local services will be affected; we have already seen the Neighbourhood Office close, with the Library rumoured to be only opening four days a week in the future. Alongside this potentially the Swimming Baths may close. Very clearly if this happens the community and residents of Castle Vale will have lost valuable services. Once these services have gone they will be gone forever. The TRA have been working hard to get some form of Neighbourhood Office service reinstated, however for this to happen we will have to find funding to do this otherwise it will be lost forever. the reason for the public meeting will be to raise awareness of these issues, and hopefully stop valuable services being closed. The TRA role in the asset transfer is about community engagement and making sure the communities voice is heard. As Chief Executive of the TRA I believe the most important voice to be heard is the residents of Castle Vale. on this basis I would urge people to come to the public meeting hear what is being said and I would like to hear you views. I have read the anonymous postings on the site hear with great interest if anyone would really like to know what we do, I would be more than happy to meet with people individually and answer questions about the TRA. Our telephone number is 0121 747 5932
    Ray Goodwin

  24. I am fully aware of what the TRA do and have been aware since they first started, that is not the point i was making, the way i see it is there is no point in calling it a public meeting if it’s not made public for people to see, and whilst it’s good to put in the vale mail publication and online i still don’t see that this will encourage many residents for the following reasons
    1. Not everyone is literate and so will not be able to read
    2. not everyone has internet access
    3. Many residents have lost a lot of faith in the people running the estate

    I believe face to face contact is one of the best ways to engage people as people tend to react better to a voice with a face rather than a written article and considering these services are paramount to the residents of Castle Vale I feel a much more pro-active approach is needed if you want to raise not only awareness of what’s happening but also gain support in numbers. So whilst I understand the points you have made I hope that will understand and appreciate the points i have made. what happened to going out and speaking to people, it don’t happen, everything now happens behind a desk. why can’t you approach people, put posters up, have a stall outside sainsbury to raise awareness of the current issues that will undoubtedly affect the residents…..Maybe you need more people on board who are willing to be pro-active……….

  25. I know for a fact that not many people even know about this online site

  26. Hence I know who is writing without them naming themselves

  27. How on earth is any organisation on Castle Vale going to knock on everyone’s door then talk to them for most prob hours explaining asset transfer!!! Don’t be ridiculous! The HAT never did that when they handed over to CVCHA and BCC!!! God that’s made me proper laugh that has!

  28. So when is the public meeting as its not very clear here. Is it on the 1st Oct between 10 -2 or is that the time of the AGM? Where is the meeting to be held? Who will chair the meeting? How many will be there to respond to questions or concerns from the residents?

  29. looks clear to me?! If you read it it’s at Spitfire House at 10am BEFORE the AGM.

  30. Hi everyone.
    The first part of advertising the public meeting and AGM was here on the Vale Mail website, mainly because it’s quick and easy to do and we know it’s popular with the residents of the estate, as Ray said we also have a ad for it in this months edition of the paper.
    Posters will also be put up around the estate and we are organising a leaflet drop door to door for the end of next week (all the staff of the TRA will be out in pairs hand delivering)

    We will be trying to reach everyone we can with any media available to us.

    We are trying to organise as many people as we can to come and talk about the cuts in services on the estate and asset transfer and what it meens for Castle Vale.

    The meeting is, as the advertisement says at Spitfire House and it will be clearly signposted on entrance to Spitfire House with directions to the floor/room the meeting is in.

    This is your meeting it’s for you the residents of Castle Vale to have your say on how you feel about the loss of the Neighbourhood Office/reduced opening times for the baths & Library and possible closure of your services.

    Only you can change this so please come along and have your say.

  31. Sam, I suggest you do a survey and ask if it is indeed “popular” with the residents, otherwise your just guessing really aren’t you? and I’m willing to put money on the fact that not many people are even aware of the online version, you up for that challenge are you?

  32. As for this months addition, it is like all other previous additions too little to late, it’s delivered on different days for a start and half the time by the time you get it. The other major issue is it’s contents are dicated by a few people, why are there not more people involved in what goes into it, how about people deciding for themselves what they want in it insteasd of using this one way media consultancy practice that really just serves the people who own it

    A Media Consultant is a term used to describe a marketing agent or public relations executive, hired by businesses or political candidates to obtain positive press coverage. Media Consultants usually draft press releases to highlight positive achievements of a business, organization, or individual. In politics, Media consultants create ad campaigns designed to plant a desired image in the minds of voters………This is how the vale mail operates