Looting youth referred to Youth Offenders Panel

The 17 year-old Castle Vale youth who pleaded guilty to looting Pandora’s jewellery shop in the Bull Ring during the recent riots has been referred to Earlswood Youth Offender panel for a 12 month contract.
The decision was taken by Birmingham Magistrates yesterday.
Youth offender panels first started in 2002 after a pilot study, and are regarded by many as a soft option. Offenders discuss with the community panel how they might make amends for their wrong doings, and agree to a contract that sets out standards of behaviour. They do not involve custody. The idea is to bring the youngster back into a law abiding community.
Guidelines to youth offenders panels suggest that one option they might consider is getting the offender to write a letter of apology. They try to involve the offender’s family, and encourage the offender to take responsibility for his crimes.
Critics of the panel system say that they do not punish the offender harshly enough. Supporters say that their contracts are more likely to prevent re-offending than a punishment imposed by a court.


15 responses to “Looting youth referred to Youth Offenders Panel

  1. What’s the point jesus christ how much softer is this goverment goin to get, what a total waste of tax payers money.

  2. this will send out the wrong message to all the little idiots out there.
    This really is a joke!

  3. To those people who say “their contracts are more likely to prevent re-offending than a punishment imposed by a court” should have these people live by them and see how they feel about that OR would it be NIMBY
    “not in my back yard”

  4. Just hold on a minute people sex offenders escape prison on a daily basis, should you not be more concerned with thet then a wayward teen that just needs the right guidance. considering it’s adults making these comments you should actually be ashamed of your own attitudes!

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    Age is age
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    Wrong is wrong
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  8. If right is truly right and wrong is truly wrong, account for the child abusers that escape prison???????????????????

  9. Mad man you clearly do not know anything about law hence your childish comments. Unless you are going to come back with anything adult and constructive I cannot even be bothered in responding to anything you post…You talk of wasting tax payers money hahaha, the govenrment waste more than anyone else i know, how much has been spent on wars?? and weapons eh oh and how much have they pocketed for themselves?? how much have the banks had to bail them out AGAIN?? and you want to talk about waste, your comments are a waste, and you are just ignorant

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