Jail for bookie-robber

Mark Wall, 36, from Erdington has been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for his part in a robbery at a Kingstanding bookmakers in May.
He had pleaded guilty to robbery and possession of an imitation firearm. He threatened the staff and made off with some cash, but was arrested the following day.


18 responses to “Jail for bookie-robber

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&hl=en&v=XjkXZrFYkcY&gl=US wonder how long these two will get god knows they deserve prison

  2. dear editor
    I find this comment and video link inappropriate for this paper
    and it has no bearing on the article published by you…
    could you please remove the video link..

  3. you find it inappropriate obviously because whilst you people are quick enough to jump on minor issues of petty criminality you are completely ignorant on the criminal issues our country is going through on a bigger scale, maybe it is your lack of knowledge and insight that is really inappropriate. what’s more try to observe the words “freedom of speech”

  4. Also madman, you are one person and cannot speak for everyone so it only you personally that feels that way

  5. thats the state of the country i dont blame him if there was enough money around then people wouldnt feel the need to rob

  6. you are sick or sad if you think armed robbery is a petty crime.
    if you are mark wall’s roll model,I can see where he went wrong.
    I know fell sorry for the young man BUT a crime is a crime..
    And to the other anarchy’s (jenny), we do live in a free society,one
    where there are laws,what you are talking about is the Russian
    society..O by the way that’s all gone now,so you will have to
    go along with the way of the world………………………………..

  7. Madman your judging me before you even know me. Tell about law seeing as your such an expert on the subject, what laws do we have and what laws do we operate by? secondly which part of society is free are you blind or just plain ignorant, try and get out more m8 seems your living in the old illusion of a free society and do very little research and i bet all your knowledge comes form your square box in the corner of your living room.

  8. Jenny is being honest and real, shame some other people onhere cannot do the same

  9. Yes madman I’m as sick as they come me, thick as to short planks as well..

  10. I downloaded it, so you can remove it if you want but a little too late

  11. dear Anonymous
    we do live in a free society unless your are one of the poor individuals that are incarcerated at her majesties
    pleasure or one of the many electronically tagged people in our society.
    we are all free untill we break the law.that is the law of the land,the one we ALL have to abide by.
    I’m willing to bet, you are not from castle vale but are from erdington or kingstanding.

  12. Well mad man for your information we do not follow the law of the land so get your facts right. In fact we follow the law of the sea which is called Admiralty law (also referred to as maritime law) Colonial Courts of Admiralty Act, 1890. If you want an open adult debate fine but don’t hide behind a screen acting like jonny big balls and insulting people you do not know!

  13. I am very much born and bred from the vale so be quiet and sit down!

  14. http://www.paradigmshift.tv/pstv/view/episode/11

    here watch and educate yourself on the reality of life…

  15. Anonymous, you obviously know far more than the rest of us, so why don’t we leave all the commenting to you? You’ll enjoy that! Sorry, got to go – I’ve got a life to live …..

  16. This section of the vale mail is supposed to be about
    Mark Wall, 36, from Erdington has been sentenced to four years’
    imprisonment for his part in a robbery at a Kingstanding bookmakers in May
    NOT banging on about the banks the queen and the pope.
    the is not a platform for lefties anarchists and loonies.
    As anemone said “we will sit down and shut up and listen to your every word”

  17. Sorry people it is not my fault you are both plagued with retardiness and cannot comprehend reality and instead choose to live in some made up dellusional realm. when reality strikes right in front of you don’t sya i didn’t try and warn you……sheeeeeeeeep!!

  18. Baahhhhh,Baaahhh