Anger at Astral minibus auction

The sale of the Astral minibus has angered a number of community groups in Castle Vale. The bus, which is to be auctioned next week, is used by several senior resident and youth groups, and by Chivenor School.
Council officer Nick Lockwood told the Tyburn ward meeting that the Astral Centre no longer had the money to run the minibus, which was due for a major overhaul. He estimates that £9,000 will be saved by the selling of the bus.
Hilary Roach, one of the staff at Chivenor School said: “We have not been given any prior warning and this has serious consequences for the whole community. Chivenor School uses the minibus on a regular basis- for Forest School, sports events and for learning experiences off the Vale.”


25 responses to “Anger at Astral minibus auction

  1. The last minibus they had was given to resident free of charge.
    Surely that cannot be allowed.

  2. I feel it’s time for things to come into the open, these issues cannot carry on without prior consultancy of residents. As I keep stating services are being taken away from this estate without people knowing until it’s too late. Too much corruption and too many lies by the people running the estate. Really it wouldn’t hurt the pocket of C.V.C.H.A to help out. They don’t mind funding the C.C.T.V which is just a lazy and sneaky way to spy on people and decide who they do and do not want on the estate, same way they don’t mind funding Switch radio which does not use local residents. When are you people going to realise that it is all about money and profit and absolutely nothing to do with looking after the residents of Castle Vale hence why we have almost no services left. But unless people are willing to make a stand against decisions and stick together, the local authorities and c.v.c.h.a will continue doing what the hell they like. This is why it’s put on here as not many people will see it, and by the time it reaches the paper version which is always behind it will be too late, they do this on purpose so that you have no time to discuss or do anything about it!! A Castle Vale Action group is needed with some balls and no point in relying on the councillors as they are useless!!

  3. Unless you people are willing to fight for your services you might as well kiss them all goodbye, so far the residents have allowed this estate to be stripped of everything it ever stood for, there is no cummunity anymore H.A.T made sure of that, and C.V.C.H.A are just here to make it worse

  4. The CVCHA run as a business. They are not one bit interested what residents want. I thought that any profit they made was to be ploughed back into the vale but no its used to give them selves large salaries. Jobs are created and given to friends of friends that already work there. Residents should demand that the vale be handed back to BCC. The CVCHA have taken us all for a ride for long enough now.

  5. When is the next edition of VALE MAIL out


  7. At last a human with common sense that can also see through the people that run Castle Vale…

  8. its been known for a long time that the cvcha are only in it for themselves. the residents are the last thing on their mind. when have we ever got anything that we asked for!
    i do believe that they are now buying houses and flats to rent out!
    just what is going on

  9. How many Anonymice are there? These manic ramblings can’t all be the product of just one diseased mind, surely?

  10. to all the Anonymous’sssss above
    stop rambling ang go away,it is a free country and we do have free speach BUT
    give it a rest
    we like it on the vale,so bog off and leave us alone

  11. unless you are willing to reveal yourself instead of hiding behind a screen i would suggest you be careful what you type as I am more than happy to report you for bullying!

  12. i do like the idea of a Castle Vale Action group, that would be a fab idea if ran totally independant of the CVCHA, but would it work on here?, there is a lot of apathy on this estate which is an awful shame as we have so much going for us!!!


  14. Now now lads, calm down or it’ll be handbags at dawn …


  16. Anonymous has got a real downer on the CVCHA.
    I wonder what’s happened there.
    I’m sure most of would love th know BUT can guess ???

  17. A. Kileel - Stornoway Road

    I sometimes read the post on this site with dismay.

    Many people choose to remain anonymous and I cannot understand when some of the comments are very useful.
    If there is a desire to set up an action group, then don’t talk about it – simply do something about it.
    Let everybody know what you are intending and go for it.

    Many people do a lot of moaning and expect somebody else to do something about it.

    If you are serious and your not happy with things on Castle Vale, then do something about it. At least if you did and stopped this anonymous nonsense, people may want to take you seriously and join you in your efforts.

  18. Mad man yes you are correct I do have a downer when it comes to Castle Vale mainly because I watched the decline of it since the departure of the H.A.T, I have also observed the way castle vale residents have been led like puppets by the housing and been made to believe that the regeneration was for the benefit of the residents when in fact it clearly shows that really it was always about the money and how much could be made off here. So if you want to slate me for this please continue if it entertains your ego. Like i have stated I am from here born n bred i’m not an illiterate child i’m a fully fledged adult completely sane with all faculties in tact. Whilst I do not mind being challenged on my views i do not take kindly to insults or slurs especially considering I am anonymous and you do not know me personally. I am being very serious re: an Action group for the estate as it is something I feel passionately about and also because I have children growing up on here and so want the best for them and also for the people that live on here especially long standing residents. With that said I will try and get the ball rolling and hope that people will support the idea and come forward in making the group come together. If anyone is interested in this please leave a constructive comment and I can start something up..Mad man need not apply unless he chooses to grow up….

  19. “We are anonymous we are a legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect us”

  20.!….you have to educate yourselves sometimes before you can comment disregard or have an opinion, it is only then you can make informed choices and judgements and debate it in an adult objective manner…

  21. Anarchists of the world unite under one banner
    Bring down the CVCHA
    that’s what they are saying
    if you read between the lines

  22. People have to remain anonymous for fear of backlash from the cvcha.
    Very much the same as HAT if you spoke your mind they didnt like it.
    You were made to be an outcast if you spoke your mind.

  23. Dear Anonymous

    Please set up a Castle Vale Action Group, do some voluntary work and see how angry you get when other residents criticize you for trying to do what you think is the best for Castle Vale.

    Many of us have been doing this for free for nearly 20 years and some for longer. If you don’t like something change it. Every year there are elections for the local Castle Vale Boards – stand up and be counted not throw stones from the sidelines.

    I suggest everyone reads the news post again as surely you should be up in arms with the people who are selling the minibus! or looking at how to save it, which some Castle Vale organisations are trying to do. I know one has rang the Astral about it and not received a call back.

    I’m sorry if I sound very too the point, but on a day that Castle Vale has lost a 10 year old boy we should all really be focusing on what really matters not arguing among ourselves!

  24. well said wendy,fight the good fight

  25. my name is Paranoia
    i am a friend of all the Anonymous people above
    well i think i am
    or do they all hate me
    they are all watching me
    so they must hate me
    is the correct or have i got it wrong
    i didnt put my real name because they are watching me