Nine new homes on the way

Jessup, a Cannock based building company, are making steady progress in the new development at Drem Croft. They are building five houses and four bungalows on the site.


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  1. great even more green taken away!

  2. this makes me sick, we have very little space as it is and you just want to cover every last bit just to make more profit. C.V.C.H.A need sacking

  3. Some people have short memories and need reminding that there used to be a 10 storey block of flats on this site.

  4. Very true Ian.
    I also remember that CVCHA were supposed to have built on this area 7 years ago, but did not as BCC planning wanted 4/5 bed houses and no bungalows and local residents wanted to see bungalows there. CVCHA have held off until they could get a plan that both sides were happy with. Not may housing organisations would have bothered, they would have just built and ignored the residents views. So lets see that’s 7 years of lost rent totaling about £220,000. CVCHA are not looking so greedy now, but I am sure someone will complain about the lost rent now!

  5. Well said Wendy

  6. The original plan for Drem Croft was for eleven houses.
    Five 4 bedroom houses , three 3 bedroom , and three 2 bedroom.
    Planning permission for them was granted on appeal in May 2005.
    So why were those eleven houses never built ?
    Focus Housing Association went to a lot effort to win the appeal and then not build them.
    Why ?

  7. Any new housing can only be a good thing. With the housing lists full, and families homeless, any new social housing is necessary. And the site that is being used is not greenbelt, but a brownfield site, because of the block of flats that used to be there.

  8. No one knows the answer to my question then?
    I think you might know the answer Ian?

  9. We can all speculate on the reason that Focus did not build on that site when they had gone to so much expense of designing, going to planning then winning the appeal after initial planning approval was not granted. No one however, apart from the Board and Senior officers of Focus would be able to give a definative answer.

    Any views I have as to the reason they didn’t build at the time would only be my personal opinion and as such would only add to the speculation

  10. Are you the Ian from Merlin Venture? If so, what’s the latest on a special bus to the Fort? Christmas is coming, and some of us aren’t well enough to make it into town or Sutton for the bigger stores.

  11. I’m not the Ian from Merlin Venture, but I can give you the contact details for them which is: Tel 0121 384 5614 or email –

  12. Many thanks, Ian.

  13. I wonder how many residents that originate from castle vale will be living in these properties. And I will bet there will be an asian family! Enoch Powell was right

  14. I may be wrong, but I believe CVCHA have to offer 50% of its properties to people on the Birmingham Council housing lists. Castle Vale does not exist in isolation, but is part of Birmingham. Thankfully, the days when Castle Vale was like an island, which was a no-go area for people not from the area are over. As a single male, I have been on the CVCHA housing list for about five years, and did not expect to be offered anything, as I have been on the council housing list for a lot longer, and never been offered anything. However, the CVCHA has offered me a flat, which unfortunately, I had to turn down, because of health problems. I have lived in Castle Vale for years, so it certainly isn’t the case that only those from other areas of the city are offered homes here.

  15. what r u on about, people moving onto the vale are turning the estate into a shit hole.

  16. Here Here

  17. I would like to know what evidence you have to back up this outrageous claim

  18. CVCHA is a provider of social housing, and as not everyone can afford to buy their own home, it is an essential service. I honestly don’t think the CVCHA should be sacked for doing what it is supposed to do. I know many single people, who have been told by Brmingham Housing that they will never be offered anything. I also know of families, with children, who are living in their parent’s home, because they cannot afford to buy a home of their own and have been waiting on the housing list for years. People need to live somewhere, and there are far too many homeless people, and the numbers are rising. And as the bungalows being built are usually for the elderly or disabled, they will be offered to people who are in need of them.

  19. you are asking for evidence that the vale has gone gone back to its original state! do you walk about with your eyes shut. the vale is full of crackheads and alcoholics. take a walk down the centre 8 for instance. i think you need to wake up!!!

  20. I do walk around the estate, often, and yes I do see alcoholics and drug users, many of them born and bred on Castle Vale. It’s not as you claimed “people moving onto the vale are turning the estate into a shit hole.”

  21. Every village, town and city in this country contains drug users and alcoholics, & prisons are overflowing with them. Why does Anonymous expect the Vale to be any different? We are a cross-section of society with all its faults – and, more importantly, with all its virtues. We are lucky to have people here who work hard to improve our living conditions. Don’t knock it, Anonymous!

  22. the cvcha dont seem to think we have a problem. everything is fine according to them

  23. I totally agree,C.V.C.H.A is no longer looking after the needs of people on Castle Vale.They are all out to line their own,(and anyone 1 else important to them) pockets.They say there are no funds for the important things and what do they do……create yet another job (paying i might add extortionate wages) for someone to increase advertising (hence vale mail is now tyburn and vale,creating more ad space) and make more money for C.V.C.H.A to waste on yet more useless and unneeded bs.Peter Richmond needs to take a reality check and face the fact that he has,nt pulled the wool over everyones eyes.(watch this space)