Farnborough Road cyclist accident: police appeal for witnesses

Police are appealing for witnesses to the serious traffic incident in Farnborough Road yesterday afternoon at around 5.20pm.
A 10 year-old boy remains in a critical condition after he was hit by a Blue Mazda 6 travelling along Farnborough Road towards Yatesbury Avenue.
Police have interviewed the 24 year-old male driver of the vehicle, who has since been released pending further enquiries.
Farnborough Road was closed for three hours while emergency services dealt with the incident.
The boy remains stable, but critical.
Police are asking witnesses to call their traffic incident unit on 0121 322 6098.


11 responses to “Farnborough Road cyclist accident: police appeal for witnesses

  1. the name of the boy was callum Henrys he was in top cliff and he was non from many people but early today around 1.00pm they turned off the life support machines and later he pasted away with a bashed up face and head after the accident he was took to good hope but it was that bad he was took to heat lands .
    ‘ many people say at castle vale performing arts college (were im from) rest in piece callum R.I.P ‘

    he was a good friend to many people

    by lauren tipper in year 8 at comp

  2. have they even checked the cameras (edited: I want to keep this thread open on this very tragic and sensitive issue, but please be careful with comments as there is a legal danger of contempt of court in attributing blame. That is for the courts to do. The media… and that includes comments from the public on a website, must be careful not to prejudice a case. Editor)

  3. Hi Lauren
    Thank you for you message about Callum and passing on comments from Castle Vale School for him to Rest In Peace.

    Can I add my own message to yours, RIP Callum x

  4. Just shows how much everybody knows doesnt it, his face wasn’t bashed up at all, he didnt have a bruise on him nor any broken bones… he suffered from major swelling on his brain, the rest of his body was normal, he wasn’t taken to good hope then heartlands, he went straight to heartlands then to birmingham childrens hospital. I know everybody’s only showing respect and I thank you for it you cant understand how overwhelming it is, but if you’re going to give information off please just ask somebody who actually knows first. rest in peace my little man see you soon, uncle jamie xxxxxxxxx

  5. Frankly, Wendy, I found Lauren’s comments rather offensive, as they seemed to be full of garbled gossip and misinformation (as well as atrocious spelling – no wonder that school gets such poor GCSE results). Her post was about as disrespectful as you can get.

  6. anemone u can’t say anythink our school is fine the way it is and im sorry jamie for putting the comment ( witch was sopose full of lies

    im really sorry but many people at our school knew callum and he was a great friend to many people( as well as me) as you can see the tree on the road of the accident is full of flowers from many people at ower school we are think about our form raiseing money for callum family and to make signs saying slow down as you can see the accident was corsed by a car so..

    jamie i hope you have forgiven me for the comment and we all miss callum

    r.i.p callum we love you as a friend) but your in a better place now r.i.p.


  7. With over 70 cameras on castle vale there must be evidence! if not we need to question there effectiveness, and why on an estate with 5 schools have we never had any crossing points or crossing wardens on this estate. My thoughts are with Callums family who should not be grieving the loss of their child…

  8. At least Lauren thought about leaving a message for Callum. As a parent of an 18 year old with learning disabilities (who functions at key stage 1 – 5-7 year old academically) I can see how hard it is for some people to communicate on forums such as this and a little encouragement, praise, confidence building and opportunities to learn (which she has done by responding and apologising to Callums’ Uncle) by doing goes a long way, perhaps that is what is missing from CV school???? rather than the attitude of if you can’t do it correctly don’t bother at all.

    I apologies for this response being on this post, as it should be for comments left out of respect for Callum, but I do feel very strongly about a young girl being criticized for the way she has chosen to put across her feelings.

  9. Anonymous, my main criticism was that Lauren, in her rush to post here, got most of her facts WRONG, which is why she has had to apologise. Had she been encouraged to take her time and think about what she wanted to say it might have turned out differently. I’m sorry to disagree with you, but I still find her post tasteless and unnecessary.

  10. Callum,you was a good boy that loved every minute playing out,i will Never in my life forget u or our memiours
    Lill man,R.I.P!<3

  11. is this a pupil from castle vale school. if so then i am not one bit suprised that the school has got a serious problem. mr own you need to sort that school out