No sale for Pype Hayes Hall

Bidders at today’s auction of Pype Hayes Hall failed to meet the reserve price of £400,000 at the CP Bigwood Auction at Villa’s Holte Suite. The room was packed with hundreds of property speculators and bidders, but Lot 1, the 17th Century former home of the Bagot family situated in the grounds of Pype Hayes Park, failed to attract much interest.
Bidding started cautiously at £250,000 and after much prompting peaked at £385,000 before the auctioneer decared that the Council owned property would remain unsold.
The auctioneer introduced the Grade II listed property as one with “lots of potential, providing massive choice for loads of wonderful things.”
138 other properties around the West Midlands were up for sale at the auction.


7 responses to “No sale for Pype Hayes Hall

  1. It’s amazing that the hall went unsold for the minimum £400,000 wanted. A 17th century manor house, which was once owned by the aristocratic Bagot family, would in normal economic times fetch a couple of million. I hope the hall, which is falling into disrepair will not be demolished, as have many manor houses in Erdington. We need to save our history, because there is very little left of it. As Castle Bromwich Hall has sold to be turned into an hotel, I would have thought Pype Hayes Hall would be equally in demand. It would be wonderful if the hall could be returned to its original 17th century appearance. Birmingham council could turn it into a museum, if it had the money. The fact that they now charge entry for most of their museums would suggest that it is lack of money, that will see Pype Hayes Hall lost to the history books. I fear the same thing will happen with Rookery House.

  2. Susan Winchcombe-Suggett

    The National Trust should get involved and bring it back to its former glory, i believe the Coach House was previously used as Tea Rooms, if only the council had some imagination they could make it pay for itself. I have started contact with The National Trust, It has been reported that it could possibly be turned into something else that would destroy its character and close its doors to the public. It would be sacrilege to lose this Historic building of 17th century and over 400 years of history owned by a very prominent family. More news after discussions with the NT. Mrs Winchcombe-Suggett. 0121 382 9122

  3. The Tyburn News reported the possibility of the hall being turned into a mosque, although I doubt this will be the case, because its size and layout would not be appropriate for such a use. The hall is of a similar age to Aston Hall, yet whilst that has had millions spent on it, Pype Hayes Hall is left to fall into ruin. It is the only manor house left in this part of the city, and should be retained as such. Birmingham Council could make good use of the building and make an income from it, if only it had the imagination. I hope the National Trust will step in, because the price that the council is asking is very low. It would be great to see the hall returned to its 17th century appearance, complete with furniture from the period. The coach house is falling into a state, where it will be hard to restore, if something is not done soon.

  4. no way can it be turned into a mosque.

  5. Pype Hayes Hall went unsold again at another auction in December, even though the suggested asking price was only £350,000.

  6. Kenny Richards

    I lived in Pype Hayes Hall when it was a children’s home – Although it is was a beautiful building – it was not a nice place to live and much abuse existed [by a man called xxxxxx xxxxx]…therefore for me it has bitter-sweet memories – So on one hand I would like to see it demolished, on the other, it should be preserved. A film should be made of what went on there.

  7. I lived in pype Hayes hall when it was a childrens home. I was only young then . Just remember I lived there .cant believe the council neglected it ……no way it should be a mosque there is enough of them around to go to . should keep some of the hystorical buildings and be restored . Too many are being knocked down to build new houses , mosque’s – unnessesery buildings offices that will prob be use for a while then left empty to fall apart. There will be no history and part of Britain left.