House sales flat

Three houses have been sold in Castle Vale during the past three months. No houses were sold last month, according to Land Registry figures.


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  1. Out of interest, I have had my home valued, using online valuation sites. Their estimates range from £70,000 to £106,000. And houses almost identical to mine are on the market of £124,000. This would suggest that no one really has any idea how much houses are worth in Castle Vale.

  2. The online sites are poor. If a repossesion is sold nearby for a heavily discounted rate, that brings down the average price dramatically. If nothing is selling then houses will come down in price given there is no demand. The buyers will have a number to choose from & play people off each other. Historically it is normally the young people of Castle Vale buying property on the estate & they are the worst hit now for jobs & mortgage availability. I feel it will get worse before it gets better too. .

  3. How can people afford to buy a property when there is a severe lack of jobs in the whole area in the last 4 years i have been made redundant or laid off from my job 5 times. when i try to get on the list to rent on the estate im told the waiting time is very long 5 years i was told once now being born on castle vale i know family’s and single people who have moved to the estate from Aston Kingstanding and so on. now to rent a private property is close £500 pcm in locale area i disgusting the why that this estate is run my family lived and worked in this area and it now looks like i shall have to uproot away from them

  4. Hiya, Did u give a mention to BERWOOD Court who celebrated ten years of caring for the old and sick.. Its so easy to forget the people who helped make Britain great, Oh sorry did i wake you up?

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    originally posted 27th August 2011