14year-old looter arrested for breaking curfew

The 14 year-old Castle Vale youth who was electronically tagged, put on a curfew and banned from the city centre for looting from JD Sports during the August riots has been arrested for breaking the conditions of his curfew.
The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is awaiting trial at the Crown Court in November.


3 responses to “14year-old looter arrested for breaking curfew

  1. Can’t wait for november

  2. where are this lads parents i mean seriously a 14 year old has been put on a curfew for rioting and is still allowed to leave his house by his so called parents its disgusting these people need to be in the dock with him. i was never an angel growing up but always respected my father because i knew the consequences and a slap on the backside or a curfew from parents never did me any harm i consider myself to be a well round and ground individual

  3. birch bring it bk now u soft lot.that would sort the get out.