Councillors say ‘No’ to Astral closure discussions

The threat of closure to the Astral centre has been delayed, says Councillor Lynda Clinton. She and her Labour Party  colleague Mike Sharpe are refusing to discuss the closure with council officers because they have been told that closing the Astral would have no economic benefit this financial year.
“There is no point in discussing it,” says Lynda Clinton. “If we are to discuss it at all, it will have to wait until next April when the new financial year starts.”


4 responses to “Councillors say ‘No’ to Astral closure discussions

  1. Instead of closing everything why don’t the managers and top bosses at Birmingham city council take a pay cut. Stop their bonuses as they are public servants on way over £200k and should on such salaries at the benefit of the public.

    Cut their wages and drop them well below £100k and have no bonuses and see how much money is saved. They dont need that much money, how many high paid staff do the exact same job? You don’t need 4 managers for 1 department.

    Cut from the top down and let them feel the pinch.

  2. Everything seems to be for the chop in Castle Vale, first the swimming baths, now the Astral Centre. And with all of the pubs long gone. A community needs more than just homes, and Castle Vale seems to be bearing more than its fair share of council cuts. I wonder if better off areas like Sutton Coldfield are also losing facilities.

  3. It seems that those that can least afford to lose facilities and services are the first targets in all the cutbacks.

    Castle Vale has lost the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Neighbourhood Office, bus services. The scool lost it’s Building Schools for the Future funding; the library service has been cut, the Community mini bus has been sold, the Astral is in danger of closing down; residents are fighting to secure the future of the conservation area, the swimming pool and the Stadium and surrounding junior and senior football pitches to stop them being sold off to private enterprises,

    And what has Sutton Coldfield lost? Let me think…. ah yes, tha Magistrates Court. But don’t forget, ‘We’re all in this together’.

  4. well said Ian