Big run, big swim

Two marathon athletic events take place in the next few days. 15,000 people will be taking part in the Birmingham Bupa Run around Birmingham on Sunday morning. The following day, brothers Keaton and Lewis Cutler will be swimming their marathon at Castle Pool to raise money for Help for Heroes and the Irish Guards.


2 responses to “Big run, big swim

  1. Just a little message to those 2 remarkable children who took part in the sponsored swim yesterday at Castle Vale Pool, swimming over 800 lengths and raising so much money for HelpThe Heroes… what a fantastic effort.

    I dont know these 2 boys but i went to lend my support and was proud to see their efforts, it just amazes me that with society nower days a majoirty of children are not intersted in helping communities.

    A massive Well Done boys…hope your not aching this morning… 🙂

  2. Danny Ryan M.B.E

    I would like to say a personal congratulations to the 2 boys for their efforts at Castle Vale Pool.

    I called to the pool, early yesterday morning, as I wanted to offer a financial contribution to the appeal and the swim was well underway. I called again just after 5.00pm and the 2 boys were just coming to the end of this marathon swim

    What a truly wonderful achievent for the 2 lads in question and to all the staff and helpers who made the day such a success.

    Both they and their family should be very proud of what they have done in swimming such a distance for 2 good causes.

    Young people again showing what can be done when they put their minds to doing something with a little help.

    Well done everybody associated – I hope a substantial amount of money was raised.