EDL protest a sign of a healthy democracy, say police

Police say they are aware of potential conflict that may arise from protests planned for Birmingham City Centre next Saturday by the English Defence League and simultaneously by those opposed to the EDL, but have issued a statement saying that they cannot prevent static protests.
“The right to protest peacefully is a sign of a healthy democracy and we have a positive duty to facilitate that right. Any criminal or public order offences will be robustly dealt with,” says the statement.
Assistant chief constable Marcus Beale, who will lead the policing operation, said: “West Midlands Police do not welcome this protest as we recognise that many people feel anxious about it being in the city so soon after the disturbances in August. Like them, we believe that our resources would be better placed in neighbourhoods tackling the crimes which matter most to local people.
“Officers will be deployed throughout the city to provide a visible reassurance to retailers, shoppers and all those visiting Birmingham.”


3 responses to “EDL protest a sign of a healthy democracy, say police

  1. It is always difficult when you believe in our open democracy and right to be heard…. but sometimes you think there must be limits. And of course there are, and this group must surely be close.

  2. what close to the truth

  3. I think people do need to take into account that there are different kinds of practicing muslims, most are peaceful people, but then there is a large fraction that are extreme and do mean harm, however I don’t think the EDl is the answer to the problem I do think that immigration laws are part of the answer though