Vale is the dark shade of Tyburn’s jobless

Jobless map of Birmingham. The darker the blue, the more people out of work in that area

Unemployment in Tyburn dropped slightly last month, though Erdington constituency suffered a rise in jobless.
The map above illustrates the jobless trends across Birmingham. The worst hit areas in Birmingham are Hodge Hill, Aston and Ladywood. Tyburn avoids the darkest blues, though Castle Vale, in the top right corner of Tyburn, is a darker shade of blue than the rest of the ward, which includes Pype Hayes, Birches Green and Erdington Hall. The white areas to the north of Tyburn are the four Sutton Coldfield wards where unemployment is relatively low.
Tyburn ward is part of Erdington constituency, which has the third highest jobless rate of the ten constituencies in Birmingham. Highest is Ladywood with 27.5% jobless, ahead of Hodge Hill on 19.9%, with Erdington on 14.3%.
Birmingham has the highest unemployment rate of all cities in the UK. Manchester comes second in the list, with Liverpool in third place.


19 responses to “Vale is the dark shade of Tyburn’s jobless

  1. I think employers need to start easing their requirements. For example, I have had several rejection letters from companies because of silly reasons. I am well educated and lost my job over 1 year ago.

    I have applied for positions where they state training available but have never had a reply, I have even applied for cleaning jobs but they ask for experience. How hard is it to clean, I do it on a daily basis and have 2 kids. I can use a vacuum, dust, wipe my mum was a cleaner and I saw what it entailed, why are they limiting applications?. It is not difficult to take 5 mins to show someone how to use a vacuum or buffer.

    The thing I mostly hate is applying for jobs and the companies can’t be bothered to reply. I have sent over 135 cv’s and had 11 replies. Companies need to have the respect and decency to reply to those people and give them some feedback. It makes you feel mad and useless, you have taken time to write to a potential employer and they cant be arsed to reply so why should you carry on trying.

    There are lots of Xmas jobs around especially boots at the moment but I can’t even get them because I have no customer service experience and like it or not am of a certain age and gender.

  2. Whatever they profess to the contrary, employers still judge by postcode. Unfortunately, Castle Vale has got “history” , which sticks in people’s minds, so few employers will reply to people from here.
    If even University graduates can’t find work of any kind, what chance is there for anyone over 21, without qualifications and living in B35?

  3. its amazing how most of the residents of castle vale plead poverty and next minute they are driving around in flash cars…how does that work one asks??

  4. That’s a disgraceful, ignorant and unfounded generalisation. Have you personally checked that each driver of a flash car you allege that you see on the Vale is :
    1) actually from the Vale?
    2) the owner of the vehicle?
    3)pleading poverty?

    I’m afraid you sound extremely prejudiced, or maybe you’ve fallen out with a resident & want to badmouth all of us?

  5. The opposite actually seems to be the case in Castle Vale. Many working people are receiving the minimum wage. So, whilst they are working full-time, trying to provide for their families, their income is not enough to pay even for essentials, such as heating. So, how they could possibly be driving around in flash cars would make little sense. There are many working people in Castle Vale, who have to receive housing benefit, because their income is not enough to cover their rent, plus other essentials. It is not only the unemployed who are living in poverty. Whilst Castle Vale is a great area in which to live, it is not one of wealthy people, who could afford to buy the cars you describe.

  6. Come on its not rocket science as to how they drive around in flash cars.!!!! most of them have never done a days work in their lives. work that one out !!!

  7. Jonty,i agree with you BUT you missed a word out,it should be
    BIG FLASH CAR,not a little cars like mine,to save money but a
    BIG FLASH CARS and yes they do live on the estate,take a walk and take a look.

  8. Trouble is we have all been led to belive there is no poverty or hardship in 2011. The goverment would see this as an exceptable lie. Well its not and there is.

  9. I only wish it was true that people in Castle Vale who plead poverty could afford flash cars. I cannot afford even the essentials, and the heating will not be going on this winter, no matter how cold it becomes. I don’t think Jonty, that you have an understanding of what poverty actually means. I cannot afford a car, in fact most of the time I can’t afford bus fare. If I did have a flash car, I would sell it, and use the money to put on the heating. There may be some with flash cars, but how do you know they aren’t the ones with better paid jobs? Have you ever asked them? To suggest however, that most Castle Vale people are driving around in flash cars is a bit of an exaggeration.

  10. Somebody is jealous, these people who decide to spend their money on cars should be able to do so without prejudice and speculations.

    There are several people on the vale who have good jobs so why not treat themselves. I had a well paid job but chose not to waste it on a flash car as they all do the same job so bought a small car.

    Some may lease cars, I know an 18 year old who has his daddy lease an alpha for him. He has no job but his daddy does so can afford it.

    What you need to do is stop moaning, concentrate on your own issues and grow up.

  11. With regards to heating I too found it hard but what I did was stop paying direct debit as the companies tend to take more than they should and then I started to switch off my boiler during the day this means that I am not burning gas constantly all day via the pilot light.

    The boiler only comes on to heat water and when I want the heating on. These actions have decreased my gas bills to £17 per month for a 3 bed terrace. You do not need the pilot light on 24/7/365, turning it off will save money.

  12. We never have the boiler on in the day, only to heat the water, and we didn’t put the heating on until December last year, instead we wrap up well. At night, I wear two dressing gowns and have a blanket over me if it is cold. Yet our gas bill is considerably more than £17 per month for our three bed terrace. We do have a gas cooker, but this is rarely on.

  13. Bit personal but do you pay by direct debit and are you on a standard tariff?

    These can affect the costs, I was on DD and BG tried to get £65 per month from me until I took control. I now pay online monthly £17 which covers what I use. Gas companies can put up DD whenever they want to whatever they want.

  14. Yes, we do pay by direct debit, but I have no idea about the tariff. Do you mind saying which company you are now with? We certainly can’t afford the current gas bills.

  15. Muidian i see you have a network to send all these e mails???

  16. I am with British gas on their web saver tariff. I would check to see if your direct debit payments reflect your usage. You don’t want to be paying £65 per month like I was and then find out it could come down to £35 per month. That’s why I stopped paying using DD.

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    It costs £145.50 for colour and £49.00 for a black and white TV Licence.

    for those that don’t watch tv or if you do not watch programmes as they are being broadcast,l you do not need a licence, worth knowing and understanding the clauses of it as it may save you the fee..You can check and sign a decloration on the website.

  18. ‘Behind the rent strike’ was Nick Broomfield’s graduation project. It followed the progress of the 1972 / 73 Kirkby rent strike. This video features Broomfield’s interviews with Ethel Singleton, one of the forces behind the strike who gives an insightful, intelligent and articulate analysis of the plight of the working class in 70’s Britain….Whats changed

  19. you only have to take a look at the direct gov website to see what is available for unemployed people out there the simple answer is NOT A FAT LOT. to put it in simple terms having worked in this area since in started full time employment is there are to many foreign nationals taking the jobs of local people it is about time the gov got of there moral horse and did something about it since 2009 i have been laid off and made redundant 5 times due to a lack of work and the company’s financial situation so while i clear out my looker and take a look around as clock out for the last time all i see is polish,African,middle eastern,Pakistani,Indian,Bangladeshi,Chinese, ect ect ect the facts are there are not enough jobs to go around in these tough times and for us local residents that where born and bred and have contributed the this country since we began our working life’s what hope is there when these foreign workers work in all conditions and for any of hourly rate and over 80 hrs a week just to up sticks and go build a house where they are originally from i am seriously worried about my future and what life has in store for me and what i may have to do to support myself