Castle Vale men in court for burglary and vehicle theft

Two men, aged 25 and 24, from Castle Vale will appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court today (Wednesday) charged with burglary and theft. They will appear with a third man, aged 20, from Erdington.They are charged in connection with an alleged incident at an address in Sutton Coldfield in the early hours of yesterday (Tuesday) during which keys to a Seat Leon and Landrover Freelander were taken and the vehicles subsequently stolen.


9 responses to “Castle Vale men in court for burglary and vehicle theft

  1. They should be named and shamed, made to clean castle vale in Orange jump suites as it is this community they have let down, compensate the victims and if they are tenants ultimately punished under the tenancy agreement.

    They are old enough to know right from wrong, they are responsible for their actions. There’s nobody else to blame but themselves.

  2. Name and shame

  3. They will be, when they are tried in Court. Until then …

  4. I Don’t think they have let any community down, they are just living up to the vale name, all a bunch of xxxxx on that estate

  5. Obviously you don’t know Castle Vale very well. Whilst there are criminals living here, as there are in every suburb of Birmingham, (even Suttton Coldfield) to suggest that everyone in Castle Vale is the same, is not only discrimination, but is also untrue. There are about 11,000 people living in Castle Vale. The majority are employed and have never committed a crime. I don’t know why you would think that Castle Vale is different to the rest of Birmingham.

  6. why did you say sutton coldfield, as if they are better than us valians in the first place, they are just debted up to there eye balls stuck up w*****s.

  7. Funny how these people was not named!!!!!! Vale mail will be reported for biased and discriminating reporting.

  8. Can’t wait to see the idiot behind this gossip page to be revealed

  9. the vale mail is just for all the stuck up people,old moaning xxxxxxxx that live on the only print what you want to n not what you need to and you only name n shame certain people you are xxxxxxx slyy ur worse than the people commiting these crimes you peice if xxxxx!! n all you stuck up xxxxx that slag people of on ere you need to be shott,this paper makes out cv to be this perfect area im out on the vale everyday ino what its really like and its time you start printing the truth n speeking to the youth on here that are not as furtunate as you or your kids…CV,35 ALLLDAYYY xxxx YOU HATERS