Red route plans for Kingsbury Road to Asda Minworth

The City Council Transport Department will be presenting its plans to the public for a red route along Kingsbury Road between Asda at Minworth and the Tyburn Road/Kingsbury Road junction.
The Council hopes to stage the public consultation event on 22nd November between 9am-4pm at Spitfire House in Castle Vale High Street.
A red route is designed to make sure the main arterial routes to and from the city centre run as efficiently as possible, a spokesperson said. The route will be marked with a mixture of single and double red lines by the kerbside. Double reds mean ‘no stopping’; single reds mean ‘no waiting’. The plans will also include minor junction improvements and some widening of carriageways.


7 responses to “Red route plans for Kingsbury Road to Asda Minworth

  1. This is an unnecessary waste of tax payer money. There is no need for a red route along this stretch of road as there are no issues with parking, cars pulling up etc.

    I use this road on a daily basis and have never had an issue. Use the money for something useful and stop wasting it on non sensical ideas.

  2. i was thinking exactly the same when i read this ealier on. complete waste of taxpayers money.

  3. What I think is even worse is the council’s plans to cut every tree down between Spitfire and Tyburn Island. All of those in the central reservation and on either side of the carriage ways are to be cut down to widen the roads. This will forever destroy that section of road, and will make the view from the houses there far worse. And creating more lanes will only attract more traffic, so will solve nothing.

  4. Under planning rules especially for that situation the council must replace all removed trees with new ones. It will not be able to remove trees otherwise as it is a condition of the application.

  5. Yes, this is what they have said. However, I do wonder where the trees will go. As the central reservation will no longer be there, and they won’t be able to plant them in the road.

  6. The centre reservation is staying, the plan is to narrow the centre reservation shaving off space either side for the extra width. The trees will then be planted along this section. Like I say they legally have to plant new trees.

  7. what a waste of money to have a red route along kingsbury road
    when there is no proplem with parking along this road