Callum’s family to present petition

The Henry family, whose ten year-old son Callum was tragically killed in a road accident last month, will be presenting a petition at the full City Council meeting this afternoon, requesting a pedestrian road crossing in Farnborough Road.
Over 3,000 people have signed the paper edition of the petition; 1,000 have signed the e-petition list on the Council website.


5 responses to “Callum’s family to present petition

  1. all the best to them!

  2. does anyone know how they got on a the meeting

  3. Yip, it didn’t finish till 8:00!,

    Mike Sharpe presented the petition at the full council meeting. Once he had finished speaking all of the councillors started applauding and looked over at us in the public gallery (embarrassing much). None of the other petitions got that reaction so it all looks good.

    Other councillors came over and congratulated the efforts of everyone and offered their full support.

    Big thank you to Lynda Clinton and Mike Sharpe for making this possible.

  4. well done to you all.