Man jailed for three years and nine months for Castle Vale burglary

A 28-year-old man has been sentenced to three years and nine months imprisonment after pleading guilty to a burglary in Castle Vale.
Steven Kinsella admitted the offence when he appeared at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday (31 October).
He was arrested by officers from Sutton Coldfield CID following a burglary which happened in August. Officers received a report of a home being broken into where an offender had gained access to a property via a window.
Unknown to Kinsella he had left forensic evidence in the form of a fingerprint at the scene of the crime.
He initially denied his involvement when he was arrested on 1 September, but with evidence stacked against him he eventually admitted his guilt when he appeared in court on Monday.
Commenting after the sentencing Detective Constable Phil Endsor said: “Kinsella thought that because he had previously lived in the area that his local knowledge of the estate could provide him ideal opportunity to profit from burglary, but he was wrong.”


26 responses to “Man jailed for three years and nine months for Castle Vale burglary

  1. this is bad!!!
    fancy doing it where he used to live.
    shame on you
    wonder how many more houses he burgled
    one word SCUM !

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  3. How embarassing for the rest of his family that still live on the vale. He ought to hang his head in shame.

  4. his sentence isnt long enough he should be disgusted with himself i dont know what the world is coming to.

  5. Hope he is banned from coming on the estate when he is released. He should be but we all know cvcha are so soft that will probably house him on here.

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  9. LOL makes me laugh how only 1 person has came on to defend him, Its not about people that sell crack on the vale or about people being bag heads as they will do their time 1 day, This is about 1 Low life individual that has chosen to break into someones home and steal there belonging to feed his drug habits, he has been doing this for years. He should of gotten longer as he will only do half that time, and be back on our streets making out he is a saint to everyone…. he will never learn, as he is always in and out of prison. And Martin, if someone had broken into your home to steal from you i suppose you would just let them yeah…… i thought not.

  10. Forget it. Hes ok.

  11. Just to focus on last point by me, Im 82 and was in world war 2. A lot older than most on here. I say hes ok because hes got his comeuppance And forget it because its happened. What he did was wrong and he is currently being punished for it now in prison. Sorry if you thought my previous comment was out of order, Im just a old man looking out for our community

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