Ban for Castle Vale High Street hit and run car snatcher

A 31 year-old Erdington man pleaded guilty to causing an accident in June in Castle Vale High Street whilst driving a stolen Ford Focus for which he had no licence or insurance. He had taken the vehicle without the owner’s consent. One person sustained injuries from the accident. He failed to stop to give his details to the driver of the other vehicle. Birmingham Magistrates this week banned him from driving for six months, fined him £115, and ordered him to pay £120 costs.


2 responses to “Ban for Castle Vale High Street hit and run car snatcher

  1. This is what I find ridiculous about these types of sentences. Do you really think a driving ban for a man who has no license would stop him from driving.

    He stole a car, had no licence, no insurance, crashed into another vehicle, caused injury and fled the scene. The punishment does not fit the crimes committed. That is 4 crimes committed each with their own Individual sentence structure.

  2. you get a prison sentence for shoplifting at sainsburys! the law is a joke